Thursday, November 13, 2008

Once again

...I'm stuck in the middle of a month of blog-posting without a lot to write about.

Hm, our sales meeting is next week. Fun, but nothing great to write about. I guess the only entertaining thing about that, is that all the guys start talking about what they're gonna wear, because no one can fit in the size medium lifestyle apparel samples. It's funny to hear a bunch of 50-something guys talking about clothes.

The economy appears to be pretty much flushable, but the entire world is writing about that. I did manage to find a pair of nice jeans at 30% off, and they're a brand that never goes on sale. Got 'em because I am exploding out of the identical pair in my normal size. I blame that on 7 weeks of kitchen-remodel take-out, not my complete lack of physical endeavor.

My beau is at the Patriots/Jets game with his company tonight. Well, THAT'S kinda funny, 'cause he's a Dolphins fan, and everyone else he went with is pulling for the Jets. How come we both get tix to sporting events now, but never during baseball season?!

I am currently surrounded by much kittiness, which is cool. One is upside-down, paws-up and snoozing, and the other one just farted, curled up into a ball, and fell asleep. I will be imitating them soon, minus the stinkiness!

Oh, and I found an old Footlocker friend on LinkedIn today. That was cool.

OK, I'm gonna go back to posting some pics from this year tomorrow! :-)

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alan said...

There's nothing wrong with curling up this time of year, especially with the holiday onslaught immediately ahead!

You could probably get baseball tickets here...

By next year you'll be able to get football ones too!