Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey Manny!

Sorry to see ya go. Sorry for how it went down too. Just wanted to say thanks for everything.

World Series Victory Parade, 2007

World Series Victory Parade, 2004

2007 ALCS Victory over the NY Yankees - best comeback in sports history

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yesterday, and remember John Mellencamp?

Was working. Monday. Yuck. But yesterday, my brother and his family were in Boston, bringing the girls to Children's Hospital looking at treatments for them - I haven't mentioned it, but they both have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. They're only 8 and 9! One is doing really well, very few symptoms, but the other is really struggling while they try to knock it into remission. Not gonna say much on that other than that I think about it all the time, hope they don't have too many problems too young, and that both girls looked great and were their normal bouncy chatty selves. They met me for lunch after their appointment. I was SO happy to see them all in My World in the middle of what would normally be just a normal crappy busy Monday. Makes me wish they all lived closer, or at least would visit me more often :-)

Tomato update
Can't eat the termater from the last post for another couple days. But it's indoors on the windowsill, sitting and waiting for home-grown basil, some pepper, and teeth!

Tips for Tix
We got great seats at face value the day before the John Mellencamp show at Bank of America Pavilion-4th row! Not cheap, but not Ebay or Craigslist pricing at least. Here's a good tip: if you really wanna see a show especially if it's sold out and you can make plans day-of-show, check out the websites the day before or the day of show. They release tickets that members aren't using and you can get great seats, awesome seats, at face value. Example: yesterday, I looked up the Eagles and we would've gotten seats in the 10th row or so, center. It was a small fortune though, and Randy's family was in town for a family reunion in southern Maine, and they'd just left that morning. So, we grilled on the deck and enjoyed the weather instead. Really really nice, on the first perfect day in a while. 2nd example-15 rows back for Allman Brothers, day of show last year. Also, this year, with the state of the economy, there are tix available for most concerts.

John Mellencamp concert, 7/15/08, Bank of America Pavilion, Boston

The Bank of America Pavilion is my favorite place to see a show in the Boston area. Right on the harbor, open-air under a big tent. Great views of the sunset over downtown Boston, and of the harbor in general.
This is one of the wharves in South Boston. 20 minutes from our house, and affordable easy-to-leave parking on top of it all.

Picture of the tent at the Pavilion. Never any lines for food, beer, or restrooms. Plus, your chances of perfect weather in the summertime are pretty darned good.

Self pic

Lucinda Williams, opening act. She was great and had a really good band.

Her guitarist

The Man, John Mellencamp

They put on a great show and played new songs mixed in with the old faves.

Didn't even have to wait for the encore for my all time favorite JCM song, Jack and Diane.

This chick absolutely ROCKED the fiddle.

Cute on his album pics, he's actually really short and a little dorky.

I didn't care though. He's a great performer.

He played a lot of the old favorites solo. Very cool.

This weekend on Saturday: Bruce Springsteen at Foxboro, in pretty much the last seats in the last row in the furthest section. Didn't take my own advice about shopping day-of-show, 'cause Karen's coming out from Albany, NY, and we didn't want to risk the seats. But I can't wait! Gotta have fun before the winter comes in a few months-then rains for 3 months on top of it before summer comes again.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I think we're gonna eat that red one tomorrow.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

July vacation! (or, yet another reason I have a good life!)

Just got back from an awesome week with our friends in Plum Island. On the 4th, bright and early, Kim and Jim came in from California, and Karen came in from Albany, NY, to begin the weekend watching the fireworks in Boston. As always the effort and colossal pain in the butt getting there and back was totally worth it.
Saturday morning, we got ready to go to our beach house that we rented on Plum Island, which is off the coast of Newburyport, MA. It felt like we were far far away from home. We had the best time and it was SO great to be with my best friends for a week, with lots of others coming up to visit. Here's a link to our photos, and below are my favorites.

The house

Our view. We were on the "basin" side of the island, not the ocean side. This area completely drained during low tide so we could walk to the ocean side during low tide. The city of Newburyport itself is off in the distance

At sunset

Here's the set of my MOST favorite pics...

Me and Randy

Me and Karen

Me, Karen, and Kim

Randy and Jim setting up bets on, of all things, the game Apples to Apples.

Kim and Jim

Kim's sister Marion came to visit with her fiance Patrick.



Karen, take two, 'cause she hates to get her picture taken.



Karen's friend Larry came out to visit.

Our friend Neil came out to visit too.

Sunset at Plum Island

For the complete album, click here (this time the photos won't take up half your day)