Saturday, February 10, 2007

Goin' to Hawaii

Wow the trip to Hawaii is tomorrow! Holy moly. Our flight leaves in 9 hours.
So, I'm psyched (does anyone say "psyched" anymore??)
Gonna get rid of New England Pasty style and get me some color. In Oahu. In a fabulous house with 2 bathrooms and a gourmet kitchen and a grill on the brand-new patio with views of a volcano, right on a marina. Great group too. Me, Randy, Kim, Jim, Karen, Renee (Randy's sister), Bill (Renee's husband).
And all my summer clothes fit again! 10 el bees have been lost and I'm so excited about my clothes that I wayyyy overpacked. I didn't even cry when I looked at myself in my bathing suits. And my stuff fits better than last summer or even the cruise we took in April. 10? more to go? Might stop at 8 more, we'll see where my body wants me to be.
Speaking of fits, jeez, I'm like a size 10 or 12, and you really can't go by the labels any more. I have packed everything from a size 8 to an XXL. I don't get it. Sizes should be standard. Of course, I cut the labels out of the XXL and I hope everyone sees the 8's.
Jess is looking after the kitties. Kitties who fight. A lot. Play fighting of course, but boy it can look rough. Then they touch noses and eat together. Right now they're laying near each other and really mellow. I had a cat hat last night by the way, a stripey one (Emmie). She mooshes on my head then sleeps on my pillow. My old kitty Sadie is rolling over in her long-haired grave, I never let her get by my face. Well, no Claritin for a week anyway, that will be nice, I hate the cotton-mouth.
So-SPF 15-30 for a day or two then it's on to the 8 then the 4. Can't wait!
14 hours of air travel then we're there!