Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great show last night

Randy's got a friend in Seattle who thought we'd like the band Spearhead. A couple summers ago, he sent us their "Yell Fire" CD. One listen and we were hooked. They've got a kind of reggae/world music kind of sound, great hooks, and simple lyrics where you can shout along by the end of the song even if you've never heard it before in your life.

Yesterday morning, Randy was checking around for things to do and saw that they're currently on tour in New England. So, he got some tix and last night we got to see them in concert at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence. Awesome show, great tunes, really cool place to see them. It's a rock club in an old building right downtown, with a couple of bars and a huge open floor in front of the stage, but they have a balcony with seats too, so you can have an awesome view and a nice cushy seat. Not like we sat, the music kept us movin' and groovin' most of the night!

Before the show we went to dinner at this cool place around the corner called the Cuban Revolution. The doorman at Lupo's said he'd pay for our meal if we didn't like it. So yummy. Needless to say, he got to keep his cash.

We timed it perfectly - the band went on at 7:45 back at Lupo's; we walked through the door right as they started, and the show ended at 10:00PM, so we were home by 11:30. Why can't they have someplace like that in Boston? By the time the bands start, we're ready for the beddy! Yep, I'm getting old. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I may not be leaving many comments, but I'm really enjoying your posts.

Why is it so quiet on blogs this time of the year? I should think the dark evenings would be prime time for trading comments.

Or is Facebook sucking up all the words?


alan said...

Funny the ways you find a really good restaurant!

One of my favorite barbecue joints I stopped in on a lark, and can't stay away...