Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I missed a day!

I missed a post yesterday! Darn it, I was doing so well! Oh well, because I started Nablopomo a couple days late I have to pay penance by posting a couple extra days in December anyway. What's an extra day on top of that? It will be 30 posts in 31 days instead!

I was at our sales meeting all day yesterday - so great - all our shoes and apparel look awesome for Fall 2009. Yes, fall 2009! Hard to believe all the footwear and apparel manufacturers have already decided what we're going to be offered in stores to put on our bodies a full year from now.

After the meeting, we did a "Dine-Around." We were broken up into smaller groups of 8 people each and assigned a restaurant. Ours was Bouchee on Newbury Street, around the corner from the hotel in Boston's Back Bay. Cool tres Francais ambiance, nice wines, so-so food, but great company.

Transitioning from Fall 09 to Fall 08 now...a couple years ago, I signed up for emails from Julie Foley, who's a local stylist here in the Boston area. She sends out seasonal emails about style, color, merchandising your closet. I really should hire her because I have a big problem with leaving my clothes all over the Princess Room (yes, I have my very own dressing room here), a tough time putting outfits together (sometimes they're weird, but sometimes they work), and an addiction to all things outerwear.

Randy's always asking me, "How many coats do you HAVE?!" The question also applies to purses, tee-shirts, shoes, my company's running shoes, sandals, boots, and flip-flops. So, I thought it was funny when I got this message in my email box today:

A Wardrobe of Coats Creating Confidence,with Style!
November 18, 2008

Dear Laryssa,

"How many are too many?" when it comes to coats?
When I'm working with a client and we've put together a wonderful outfit and then I say,,,,,,,,,,, "Now what coat will you wear?" This is often followed by a long pause. Why the pause? Somehow we often see the coats as separate pieces, when they are actually an integral part of the wardrobe. Therefore, I have some suggestions of what a "wardrobe" of coats would be.

For instance in the cooler climates, we need a significant variety of coats and jackets to fit our ever changing weather. Below is my suggested list. You may have a couple less; you may have a few more. But if you are working with me - you probably need about this many.

Mid-Temperature Coats
These coats are for when temperatures in the mid 60s-40s, and are short, medium, and long lengths, usually with a removable lining. Think "trench" or "rain or shine" style. They are usually neutrals, but occasionally come in colors, often are 100% cotton, polyester, or a blend. Sometimes these can be found in lovely shades such as rust, burgundy or teal.

In my experience, people who commute to work via public transportation tend to need a full-length trench, just because it is cooler in the morning and evening. For the people in and out all day, a knee length trench coat may be a better choice.

I also love my clients to have a short jacket in either leather or suede. If their palette allows it, this is in a fabulous color.

Winter Coats
Winter coats are also necessary at short, medium and long lengths. Wool-felt, is the most popular fabric, however you can also get a check/tweed/plaid. Take note that at least one of these three wool coats will be to accommodate a bulky sweater.

A "down" or fiber-filled coat and/or jacket may also be necessary, especially if you're the type who's always cold.

Winter coats are made in lots of different fabrics. If you have questions, just email me as there are just too many to discuss here.

Obviously you don't want to wear your "good" coat walking the dog, raking leaves, or shoveling snow. This is where the "throw on jacket" comes is needed. It's often a quilted jacket, barn coat, or even the worn out trench coat that has been replaced and you just can't throw away the old one. (You know who you are!)

Another piece to consider is a "fun coat"- taking color, texture and style into consideration. This is where you can be creative and break out of the mold with a bright color or interesting pattern.

This may sound like a lot of outerwear, but if you really think about what you wear and therefore what you need, they all get used. Do you have to have this many? No, certainly not. But if you have this many, its not "too many".


To continue receiving What's In Style, please remember to update your e-mail address when necessary by clicking on the link at the bottom of this message. Thanks!


Copyright 2001-2008 Julie Foley. All rights reserved.

So now, I feel completely justified in keeping an eye out for upgrades for the perfect knee-length three-season trench, a long ugly down-filled coat (hello, it's New England), and perhaps another leather jacket in a tan color if I can find the perfect one. Bear in mind, it took me 14 years to find the perfect brown-almost-black leather jacket. And, I'm terribly picky, so it could take years to complete the list. However, everything happens to be 40-50% off already...and I have my Macy's coupons, and I have TJ Maxx 1.5 miles from the office, and I have Julie Foley's message for complete justification.


Chris Curtin said...

Another reason to be glad I'm a guy.

I have 3 coats:
- NY Giants wind breaker
- leather bomber jacket
- 'Highlander' trench coat for when I need to wear a suit

Occasionally I throw on my UMASS hoodie, but only if I forgot another jacket.

Anonymous said...

And the family thinks I have a coat fetish.....