Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A post-election day smile!

Wow, what a night last night. I had to stay up and watch it all. The best part, aside from the Obama victory, was watching the crowds in Grant Park and Times Square and the other places they showed on tv, filled with happy excited people. I heard that in Boston, people were jumping into the long reflecting pool/fountain thing outside the Christian Science church. It was so great to witness an election where people ran out into the streets and celebrated with joy afterwards. The neighbors down the street put out red, white, and blue balloons. What a fantastic, amazing, inclusive, historic moment.

So, today, I am very tired, and very happy. Instead of writing anything else about our president-elect, and how much better I feel about our country's future and position in world politics, here's a photo montage that put a big smile on my face last night. My mom put together a photoshow of my beautiful nieces. Enjoy! :-)

PS-The Onion's website is definitely worth a visit today, especially the expanded election coverage.

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Hope everyone notices the cat's expression. She steals the show.