Thursday, August 30, 2007

Red Sox swept by Yankees?!

Link to the story if you want to read it and weep...or gloat, whatever!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Short hair cut (inspired by GavMenagerie)

I have been sporting shorter hair all summer. It's easier to do, dries in place without much blow-drying action, and BONUS-TIME, Randy can't stand to wait for me to dry it when we've got cool places to see and better things to do. (Mind you, he's got less on top than I do. Plus, there's no Raisin eyeliner or black mascara or Bare Minerals to apply).
I've rarely been loyal to hairdressers, have kinda been like a guy that way. Go in, get my hair cut, pay my $25-$35, and leave. The first and second haircuts are the best with most hairdressers anyway, I've found.
Anyway, I'm going away with my best girlfriends next weekend to Nashville for a girly weekend. I wanna look nice, and fluff it up ('cause you CAN in Nashville) and have my girlies can see how good I look. I can feel good about myself, and I can go free and easy and ready to go in less than 15.
So, I got my hair cut last week in anticipation of this event, by a very nice and smiley, stylish Chinese lady...who didn't speak English so could not decipher what I wanted...which was sooo easy. "Just make sure I can tuck my bangs behind my ears." Plus my hair is bone straight, how hard could it be?
Now, having traveled extensively throughout my lifetime, I have been fortunate enough to be away long enough to have had my hair cut in foreign lands and languages. (OK, Sweden, a couple times, and England too but that doesn't count, even if they talk funny over there, and here in the USA by a woman from Albania and another from Poland. Anyway, sometimes it's just fun to country-drop in a conversation. Leave me alone.)
Well, anyway, I wasn't really nervous, they always manage to figure out the hand signals and interpret from pictures, and for Pete's sake, they gotta be able to figure out what looks good on a particular face shape. It's their job!
However, in this particular case, this instruction translated to, "falling in your face without hairpins" and "You must shave your neck" in Chinese.
So, to Nashville, I will go, with a shaven neck and some hair in my face, unless I can find hairpins to hold my bangs (which should be non-bangs) back.
Thank god for make-up!
You should check out Gav Menagerie to see my cousin's cute cut by the way. She's mad, but it really does look nice!

I hear raccoons!

9:23 PM, I'm out on the deck enjoying the last of tonight's gorgeous weather....and I hear raccoons chirrupping across the street. I think they're the big fat furry healthy 30-lb better-than-zoo specimens we saw on the telephone pole up by the wires, 4 ft from the bedroom window last month at 3am one Tuesday in July. The same ones we saw under the deck a couple weeks ago; the ones I worried were gonna beat up Emmie-kitty when we thought we lost her outside earlier this month. Ah this one under Nature in Somerville.
They better not eat my tomatoes or knock over the friggin' trash cans.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yahoo answers

I hate it when I check my Yahoo email and have zero emails...
No one has the address. It means I have no "best answers."
Darn it.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sheba Ocean Seafood Cocktail

'Nuff said.


Well, the rest of this week was pretty low-key. Nice weather so lots of grillin' and chillin' after work. Oh yeah, the sale of the company that bought my company was completed Friday. So, on Monday there will be introductions and hopefully some free food, and over the next few months we'll see what they have in mind for all our divisions.

Anyway, on Friday night Randy and I went into the Faneuil Hall area and watched the ballgame at the Bell in Hand. Stop by there sometime if you're in Boston-it's one of the oldest bars in town, and is especially nice when it's summer or fall and all the windows are opened up onto the street. So, we listened to the music and people watched and suffered another aggravating Red Sox loss caused by new reliever Eric Gagne. Won't be long till batters come up and the crowd starts yelling, "It's Gonnnnnnne-yeigh" when he comes in to pitch. I can't figure out if Theo Epstein or Brian Cashman is signing his paycheck! 15 ERA with the Red Sox, sheesh that's horrible.

Yesterday we relaxed and caught up on Tivo, then decided to go to Providence, RI to check out Waterfire. Providence has had a renaissance over the last several years. I've never been downtown before, but I found it to be a nice city, with rivers running through it and a blend of old and new downtown.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant and after the sun set we went down to the river. Very cool. They build fires in these bins on the river and play music over a sound system that's all along the riverbanks. They have a bandstand with live bands, and vendors, and charities you can donate to. There were families and couples and groups and individuals all over the place, taking it all in. People were taking boat rides, and it was neat the way they did it - all the boats had only a few passengers and were draped in black so as not to draw away from the mood. The scent of burning pine was all over the place and the music really created a relaxing and romantic mood. The weather was clear and not too cool, so it was a really nice evening out. And it was realy nice that even though there were stands selling goods, there was no feeling of it being a big commercialized event. And it's free!

If you live within a couple hours you should check out the schedule at and go see it. Anyway, here are some pics.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Red Sox win! 2-1 vs D-Rays on Tuesday

Another great day at the ballpark. Randy got great seats from a co-worker and it turned out to be one of the most dramatic finishes of the year. We went with Jen (who works with Randy) and her boyfriend Dave. Very fun time.

It was Jon Lester's return to Fenway Park after overcoming cancer. Sheesh, at 23 yrs old. Anyway, he pitched one of his best games since he's been with the Red Sox. Sox were down 1-0 until the 9th inning and had a very dramatic comeback.
Oh yeah and we finally witnessed Eric Gagne being as good as he can be, for the first time in a red sox uniform.

Excerpt from "Sox and Pinstripes" blog. (hope this is legal)

Lowell dinger, Crisp's game-winning base hit key dramatic 2-1 win over Tampa Bay

At long last, Red Sox Nation got what it has been waiting for - a dramatic, come-from-behind victory marked by clutch hitting in the ninth inning. With two outs, Coco Crisp lined a game-winning single that plated Jason Varitek moments after Mike Lowell erased a 1-0 deficit in the ninth with a home run off Tampa Bay closer Al Reyes. While Lowell, Varitek and Crisp were the offensive heroes in the 2-1 win, Jon Lester, Mike Timlin and Eric Gagne were instrumental with their performances on the mound.

It was only the second time Boston has won after trailing after eight innings....

It appeared that Lester's brilliant start would be wasted when Manny Ramirez took a called third strike against Tampa Bay closer Al Reyes to open the ninth. Lowell, who with Dustin Pedroia is one of the few Sox hitters to consistently deliver in the clutch this season, launched a 2-0 offering from Reyes over the Green Monster to tie the game at 1-1. Moments later, Kevin Youkilis struck out looking on a pitch that was clearly across the plate.

With two outs, Varitek belted a drive to deep right field that was just a few feet short of a walk-off home run. Instead, the ball bounced into the crowd for a ground-rule double. Crisp, who had missed two straight games due to flu-like symptoms and had fanned twice in three at-bats in the game, lined a single into right that plated Varitek with the game-winning run.


Eric Gagne entered in the ninth and retired the first two batters he faced. That's when Brendan Harris blasted a drive to right field that was a few feet away from a home run but bounced on the warning track and off the wall for a double. Gagne buckled down and retired Gomes on a called third strike, setting the stage for the offensive heroics by Lowell, Varitek and Crisp. He earned the win with Boston's ninth inning rally.


(Sox and Pinstripes)

Monday, August 13, 2007

I forgot the Allman Brothers! OMG!

Among all that other stuff on my last post, sheesh, how could I forget! Allman Brothers Wednesday 8/8 at the Bank of America Pavilion in South Boston. So excited, my summertime favorite, and it's like 15 minutes from the house and no one pees on my feet there like they do on the lawn at the Tweeter Center. Not to mention the parking is sooo much better and the setting on the harbor rocks. Big tent with nice views and a nice breeze, lots of food and drink stands, and MANY stalls in the ladies roomS (plural).
Anyway, I got tickets at the last minute online, 12th row, center section, yay! We thought we had to resort to Craig's List to buy them 'cause they were sold out, but I got lucky the day before the show when they must have just released members tickets and I happened to be checking one last time on
We had a blast. A blustery little storm blew through right before the show and we were treated to a double rainbow and some cool skies. And, of course, another excellent Allman Brother's show. Gregg Allman is my 60 yr old secret boyfriend. There. The truth is out.
Susan Tedeschi joined them on stage for a few songs too, including The Weight (by The Band) which was really cool. And Derek Trucks (from the Quebec post) was on guitar along with the hardest working guitarist in show business, Warren Haynes.
At one point Randy wanted a cover...and they ripped into and freakin' rocked Dazed and Confused (Led Zep), much to his eternal delight. Great show.
Check out these pics, courtesy of Randy's super-cool Iphone (takes great pics, as well as functioning as a telephone and portable internet device, way cool).

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Catching up

So, it really is funny to take a few sentences and take them outta context and see the reaction. Rabbit on a Treadmill will from here on out remain a classic.
To put it all BACK into context, we had houseguests for 6 out of 7 days, without any time off from work for either of us. First, Randy had his friend Charlie in town for their sales meeting Aug 1. They've been friends forEVER and they currently work for the same company. Charlie is great. Sleeps on the couch, eats whatever, mostly was at the company functions that week. Also, he lives in San Diego, and his financial adviser lives here in Boston, and the financial adviser offered to take Charlie and two friends to the baseball game. Yay, he picked us, the third time this year with FREE Red Sox! And great seats and great game. Sox beat the Orioles, Beckett wins. We get to see the weird JD Drew called-a-double-non-home-run-that-was-a-home-run and the Lugo grand slam (don't ever recall seeing a grand slam live, pretty cool!)
Saturday Aug 4, Randy's other since-forever friend Tim, (is there such a thing as BMFs by the way) came into town with his wife, daughter, rabbit, tomato plant, groceries, mixing bowl, towels, etc. to stay with us on the way to Cape Cod for a week with Tim's family at their beach house. These folks do not travel light. Imagine our expressions when the live rabbit comes in the front door contrary to any expectations.
I thought, cool, great to have company on the weekend. Sunday their friend from Seattle, Jason, arrives, 'cause he's in the northeast too. The more the merrier! We discover they're staying Sunday night and Monday too. Not part of the original thoughts, but it's all cool, these folks are really cool to hang out with. That's how I wound up getting dressed in a room with a rabbit on a treadmill. Tim's family stayed in the "guest room" which is really my Princess Room (my personal dressing room with many of my clothes and all of my makeup and jewelry-I feel like a princess having one). The rabbit was in our poorly-used exercise room, in her cage on the treadmill, with me getting dressed, and some very curious kitties who couldn't figure out what this furry similar-sized animal was.
Anyway, Tim and Jason are avid bike riders and used our bikes to go all over the place which is how my bike wound up in Providence, and the Wine and Cheese Cask, and I didn't. We all had a great time hanging out for a few really nice summer days and evenings. Tim's daughter gave us a pretty plant and really sweet cards to go with it, which nearly made me teary 'cause she's 7 and it was so sweet and thoughtful, her parents gave us some cute gifts and baked us some fresh bread, and we all went out to dinner Monday night at this Korean BBQ/Sushi place we love in Harvard Square.
It was all very fun, and Randy and I were looking forward to a quiet Tuesday evening, until they were going to leave and couldn't find our cat Emmie, after they she disappeared for hours after they accidently left the door open. Repeated vast, detailed, unfruitful searches through the house for her, by 5 adults and one child including Randy and me who left work early due to the emergency. So, 6 hours of meeting our neighbors, posting signs, trespassing, climbing rocks, and not yelling at our very cool guests who are afraid they can't ever come back, Emmie mysteriously shows up again like, "Where's my dinner?!"
We have no idea if she ever left, but all indications were that she was not anywhere in the house (remember this is the weightier cat who would never miss an opportunity for belly scratches or food!) Well, all's well that ends well! She's getting microchipped like Mimi is, and they're getting collars with names and phone numbers on them after that scare!
The weekend before that (I'm all over the place time-wise on this post) I went to visit Karen in Albany. We went up to Saratoga for the opening weekend for the horse-racing season. Now we don't bet, but it's a really fun time to hang out there, the track scene is very cool. these are many of the horses you'll see next year vying for Triple Crown and all that. We cruised into the very cool town after the races for the also very cool bar scene and live bands all over the main street. We had a blast.
This past Thurs/Fri I took off from work to go visit my family. Turns out though, my sister in law was out of town with my nieces, so it was just me, my brother, and 2 very cool convertibles cruising around the beautiful Berkshires. Plus, my mom FINALLY re-booked the trip to Egypt that she gave up when my dad got sick the first time 2 1/2 years ago. I'm so excited for her, she's going for 18 days, on her own, and she'll have a great time. It was really nice to get her and my brother all to myself. On a tough note, my sister in law's brother had a heart attack Wednesday night. I think he's out of the hospital today. He's only about 36 yrs old but led a very unhealthy lifestyle. Hopefully he cuts back to 0-to-2 packs a day and starts eating some veggies and getting some exercise now. Anyway, a big wake-up call for all of us and any of the things we do in our lives that are unhealthy.
That's all from here. Woke up to a beautiful day today, got some supplies for the house, might go to the beach or maybe just the deck tomorrow. Gearing up for a very busy 6 weeks ahead.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Rabbit on a treadmill

Don't ask me how this happened, but this morning I got dressed in a room in my house that contained a rabbit on a treadmill. For real.
Oh yeah, and my bike went to Providence today, but I didn't. Tonight I saw it parked at the Wine and Cheese Cask, as I was riding by it in a Honda Accord. It's home now.