Friday, November 21, 2008

Worst logo ever

OK I know I've done a bit of London blogging lately, but here's another one anyway.

We just came off a great summer Olympics in China, where the athletes were great, records were broken, and we got to experience the last warm fuzzy thing we got to see-feel-view before the markets collapsed and the economy went south and the US election happened, etc., etc.

Now, we look to the next summer Olympics in 2012. London won the bid in 2005, (the very next day, they went through the horrific 7/7 terrorists bombings on the subway and bus that killed over 50 people-let's not forget about those people, and it was one of the worst days I had, worrying about one of my best friends.)

Moving on, they had to come up with plans for the games, not to mention a really cool logo to splash all over anything that's possible to sell before, during and after the games.

Enter the worst logo for any product, service, or event I've ever seen. What was going through their minds, to select this atrocity?

Maybe I'll go, maybe I won't, but one thing is for sure. I'd rather buy a a few stainless steel Tube maps or a case of my absolute 20-year long obsession Walker's Cheese and Onion crisps than purchase anything with this oddball schizophrenic logo.


Anonymous said...

Lord, the logo looks like it went through the 7/7 attack, doesn't it?


Calamity Jen said...

That's just so... awful. Truly. How did that win?