Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rung out of sleep this morning

Oh crap, it's NABLOPOMO time again, a post a day in November. I forgot it was November so I missed the first two days, but I'm going to try to post every day for the rest of the month.

Bizarre call in the wee hours here in Somerville this morning. I like our reverse-911 and reverse 311 service; it's very cool, but this freaked me out a little, when I listened to the message this morning after I got up and voted, completely uncaffeinated, I might add.

So, the phone rang while I was having sweet dreams. I got up and saw that the caller id was reading "city" so I ignored the call and went to bed. I thought, "Why are they gonna tell me about Somerville Ave construction in the middle of the night?!" Because that's the only reason they call. Except for one time to warn me about an assault near my neighborhood where they hadn't caught the guy yet. Anyway, I read the caller ID and went back to bed. Here's part of the article:

Connect CTY System Fire Call Error
Please note that the Connect CTY fire alarm call that went out this morning at approximately 3:45 a.m. was designed to provide a standard notification to the City's emergency responders ONLY. Through human error, the call was mistakenly sent to the entire city.

I didn't listen and I didn't respond. All I did was get up early and fulfill the other civic duty that was required of me. :-)


Calamity Jen said...

Now THAT is an embarrassing incident at work... accidentally phoning the entire city in the middle of the night.

HAR said...

I would have loved that. Especially if it happened during the one night that I can actually fall asleep.

alan said...

Living in "tornado alley" and having window unit air conditioners that drown out the "Civil Defense" sirens, I've had a "weather alert" radio for years.

I'm on my 2nd generation of them now, thank goodness. The earlier ones would start going off when a storm was anywhere in the eastern half of Kansas, whether it was headed towards me or bypassing me. It would keep going off until the storm passed halfway across Missouri!

The new ones have a geographic code you program into it and it only goes off for truly local events!

I'm glad they aren't trying to phone me!


Anonymous said...

Mom said:

So glad you're going to Na-you-know-what; now I can keep up with your doings.

....'tho 3:45 am calls? I wonder if I would have been awake anyway.