Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My 25 Things (copied straight from Facebook)

I've been such a lazy bloggie-person lately. We just got back from a great vacation in Puerto Rico (remember my Yucky-Slop post?) I will get some pics of that up soon.

25 Things about Me is a meme going around on Facebook. Yep, it's too much information about everyone who's filled it out, but what the heck, it's harmless and fun. I found out harmless things about the people in my "real" life (if you can call Facebook real) that I never knew.

Well, Calamity Jen put hers on her blog. I thought it was funny that she "saw a baked potato on the corner of Yonge and York Mills" and that made her laugh. I knew about the pets and the driving lessons but not that.

I commented, and she came to my blog thinking I'd do the same as she. I didn't, so I am now. Once I get over my FB addiction, I will be back posting inane things about my cats and my garden, and putting up great pics of trips!

So, does this count as a legitimate blog post? (oh, wait, it's not November! It doesn't have to count!)

25 Things about Me

1. I have had only two employers since I graduated from UMass

2. I have lived in 8 different towns since I graduated from UMass, but I've been in the most recent one for five years (with my beau).

3. I worked in a pub in London for three months in 1988; made one of my best friends there.

4. I lost count of how many times I've been back to visit. I think it's ten but I can't find one of my passports to count the stamps. Can't remember how many times Dave's been here either.

5. I quit my first job and went to Europe for three months in 1995.

6. I've been to 46 US states and 19 countries (and now Puerto Rico!)

7. I used to be a DJ on the radio.

8. I love the Red Sox and live music.

9. I have seen the Allman Brothers eight times. (Randy just got my early birthday present-we're going to NYC to see them at the Beacon Theater! Classic! LOVE IT!)

10. I hate eating off of plastic plates and using plastic forks. Ditto plastic cups. Gimme real dishes. I'll clean 'em. Or Randy will. :-)

11. I am blessed with a nice family, and really great friends.

12. I don't have kids, and don't want to.

13. I'm not really blond.

14. My favorite color is red.

15. I have 2118 songs in my Itunes library, and 14,176 photos in my photo library, in 156 folders. Granted, about 1000 pictures are my mom's.

16. I haven't used the headphones to my Ipod in three years.

17. I like the Bee Gees.

18. It is very hard for me to remember bad things that have happened.

19. I am great at using Excel, but I can't do math in my head.

20. I'm one of the most loyal people you will ever meet.

21. I was on the Jumbotron at Fenway Park with Jim Rice, and I once met Carl Yastrzemski and made an idiot out of myself.

22. I support the right to choose, gay marriage, and national health care.

23. I spoil the kitties rotten.

24. My favorite reality shows are What Not To Wear, American Idol, The Bachelor, and The Biggest Loser. Hope springs eternal!

25. I am a sucker for memes, but I'm glad to be done with this list.