Saturday, November 08, 2008


Warning: This will not go down in blogger history as one of the most exciting posts ever published.

Today Randy rented a carpet cleaner from Rug Doctor and cleaned all the carpets in the house - wow, they look unbelievable - and I chopped, chopped, chopped the hydrangea bushes, some tree limbs, and all the plants in the garden, before attacking the bamboo forest we have growing for 35 feet along the north side of the house.

What I couldn't believe is that today's what? November 8th, and I worked outside all day until it got dark wearing a tee-shirt and jeans! Probably about 64-65 degrees. Wow.

Still gotta clean up the deck - look at the state of it! This was our summer slice of heaven, but now it's just a gigantic mess, thanks to the construction in the kitchen and the death of 80% of my plants.

The hydrangeas are dead center in this photo. They were so big this year we could hardly get into the garden. Now, they're a bunch of big sticks growing out of the ground. I balanced precariously on an old park bench and a brick wall to chop the branches from the bottom of the yellow tree in the background.

This is the world's saddest tomato plant. I put it out of its misery today.

Now we have a space outside that measures about 20'x 7' that's filled to the top of the fence, for the entire length and width, of crap that we have to chop up and put into bags. Wonder if I can hire someone from Craig's List for that one?


Anonymous said...

Christmas is at my house this year so I spent Friday stringing Xmas lights while it was so wonderfully warm. Used lots of colorful ones that should delight the little ones.

K&C promised to help me set up the village, but I don't know if they'll follow through.


Calamity Jen said...

Oh my, that really was the world's saddest tomato plant.

Although the clean-up after the clean-up is always brutal, doesn't it feel good to work outdoors in unseasonably warm fall weather?

Kimberly said...

It's not really the most exciting, but I do love a day like that. It's good to get stuff done!