Thursday, May 31, 2007


Oh so happy about all the sunny, warm weather we've had!
Nice long 3-day weekend last weekend. We had our sales meeting at work and the company agreed to be sold right at the end of it. Was a big surprise to all, and was exhausting on top of all the other work we had to do before and after.
SO, we were very happy to get early release at work on Friday. I decided to go to the mall and get an impromptu haircut, took about two inches off, it's cute. Hangs about an inch under my earlobes when I tuck it behind my ears like I always do. Seems like May is the month for hair change for me...was a year ago that I went from bright blond to brown.
Came home and Randy and I sat out on our deck with all my plants and our new chairs and tiki torches, grilled, had a couple bevvies, and played Yahtzee. I am now the reigning Yahtzee champion in our household. All is right in my little world once again.
We slept in (well, in for us, 8:30 or so instead of 6:30), read the paper, watched the news, caught up on Tivo. It was gorgeous so we decided to do something besides sit on the deck and play games, so we went to the zoo to see the annimules (my new word for animals). Saw cool tigers and an ostrich and a great gorilla exhibit. Saw giraffes and giant cockroaches and all sorts of birds and prairie dogs. Then we went to Tavern on the Water in Charlestown, right on the harbor, for a late lunch. Yummy gigantic lobster roll with a view. Came home, sat in the sun, grilled again, then went to a reggae show at Johnny Ds. Randy knew one of the guys in the band. They were good. All originals (instead of all Bob Marley), songs well-written and well-played.
It being Memorial Day weekend and all, it was quiet all around town and it was looking tough to get a cab back from the bar, so we (OK, I) decided, let's walk. Well, in March when I was jonesing for nice weather, I bought these gorgeous red patent leather sandals with cool cork soles. Fit great, look great. Let's just say they're not meant to be walked in for 1.5 miles. Now I have giant blisters on the TOP of my feet and can't wear my fab shoes again until they heal.
Sunday :
I made a giant breakfast, gorgeous out again so we tackled the last of the gross dirty stuff in the yard. We have a composter which I don't know how to use, which didn't matter 'cause I couldn't reach it anyway, because two years ago (the last time the gardener came) he left everything neatly in bags from when he cut down the bushes and plants in Fall 2004. I'm here to tell ya, the bags ARE biodegradeable. Much more so than the stuff in 'em.
Also cleaned up the leaves and trash that have accumulated in the driveway (hereafter known as Batcave) since November. All the leaves and trash in our congested neighborhood blow into the batcave for some reason. Three biodegradable bags and 5 trash cans later, everything was clean.
So then I decided to weed my excellent garden and weed-whack the lawn 'cause it was up to about 8" high. Plugged in the weed-whacker; it chugged and sputtered and pretty much died. "Randy? We need a better lawn-mowing solution!" So on to the internet and off to Tag's Hardware we went. Now I have a nifty little push mower to hack at the grass with. "My honeypie wants a lawn-mowing solution, she'll have one." Yeah....he bought the mower and I mow the grass. How's that for true love? :-)
Darn it, 80 hours ago Randy said, "We have 80 hours before we have to go back to work!" All of a sudden most of that time was gone! Hm, what did we do on Monday? Oh yeah, we went to the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets and did our part to move the economy along. It was PACKED there, like always. Like when we left to go to the car, we walked down the row in the parking lot and for 5 minutes (we were far) a car was following us to get our space when we left...then we realized we were parked in the wrong row and someone else lucked into the spot. It's always like that there. Anyway, I got 4 teeshirts and that's about it. Randy scored some nice dress shirts and a cool yellow linen plaid one. Went home, and what did we do? Grilled again!
So now he's in the midwest visiting his offices and I'm working my ass off this week, which for some reason is always freakin' busy as hell after we have our sales meetings. Thank god tomorrow is Friday! And Randy comes home, and the Yankees are coming to town! Might have to get my butt taken out to dinner this weekend and watch a few good Red Sox/Yankees games in public.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Holy crap!

My new company that bought my old company got sold today! Holy crap!
We should be fine though, we're going to be run as a subsidiary and stay in our location.
Odd though. Seems I can't go a year without some kind of transition at work. Even more weird is that I started buying company stock for the first time ever this quarter.
And we are in the middle of our global sales meeting this week. Talk about interrupting momentum. The brand is doing well and there is a ton of positivity. They pulled us all out of the meetings we were in to tell us about the sale. We hadn't even heard rumors, which is weird. Was really funny to go back to our rooms and try to continue the meetings after the interruption.
Best comment came from one of our sales managers, "this happened when I was at (company X). Pretty much, (the new parent company) told us if the bus kept driving at 55 MPH or higher, they were gonna leave us alone, so we just need to keep doing what we're doing."
Ah well. They tell us that the new parent company is pretty much run by a genius, and one of the divisions is doing extremely well and is very high profile. It will probably be a good thing considering we're in much better shape in terms of planning and our position in the marketplace. And maybe they'll let us paint the walls from the stale boring beige color they remodeled to before we moved in. Hope they don't stop letting us wear jeans to work either.

Monday, May 14, 2007

K's First Communion

K made her first communion this weekend!

Pretty princess.

With one of her "BFFs"

With Dad, Mom, and sister

With her Auntie Ris

C looks so pretty too!

With Nana

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Who buys clothes at Sears?

Really. Who buys clothes at Sears? Well, I live in the Boston area where thankfully we have lots of shopping options. I popped in there to look for a chain for a pendant 'cause they were having a jewelry sale (hm, who buys jewelry at Sears, come to think of it?) and I wanted an inexpensive chain for an 8-year-old. Well, no luck with the chain, but holy moly, I who can never find a dress (either my boobs pop out or the rest of the dress is too huge, and I'm not even really stacked or anything) saw a cute one on the rack, tried it on and it fit like a glove. No lumps, no bumps, and really flattering, so guess what I did? I bought it in all 3 colors! At $22 each on sale, that's cheaper than a great day at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Also found this summer's denim skirt and a pair of Levis that fit great too, and a cute stripey shirt for $5.99. I got out of there for $120 with a nice bag full of threads. And I know I don't have to worry about anyone at work wearing the same outfit-it's pretty much all labels in my workplace. :-)
Obviously, I have no pride either, since I'm posting it here.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

American Idol, Soapbox, and other stuff

Yay, Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees is the mentor tonight on American Idol! I just might know every word to every Bee Gees song ever recorded! Well not all of them but probably 70%.
And wow, what an odd performance from Blake, who I like and thought would be Top 2 with Jordin Sparks. He freakin' beat-boxed to the Bee Gees!

Anything else? Yes! Kelsey is making her First Communion on Saturday. I still remember mine, and still have the jewelry I received as gifts. I'm giving her a pretty and simple gold cross to wear for all her special religious occasions. I hope she likes it and wants to wear it on her special day. I still can't believe they let me be her Godmother, skeptical and very lapsed Catholic that I am! Well, she doesn't have to know until much later in life, does she? Thank Whatever Higher Being you believe in that she hasn't asked about why I live with Randy if we're not married!

What else. Oh yeah, my soapbox. The pet food recall is turning into People Food issues, which you're probably seeing in the news now. Pigs, fish, and chicken have all been fed tainted food. 20 million chickens that were fed melamine-laced food have just been released for slaughter and egg production. Better get to the store and freeze whatever you can. Oh wait, it's been happening for 15 years. Again, you know what, it probably won't hurt us, but (oh yeah, ROCK it Lakesha - oops, Idol break) but it's in the human food chain. Even at organic farms. Even if you haven't been following this story, click the Pet Food Recall link and go to the main menu - Ichmo posts articles everyday about the direction this stupid Chinese manufacturing food freakin' mela-fraud is going. And on top of it all, these animals, whose parts are being fed to our pets, are being fed the same stuff they mixed into the pet food in the first place. Ironic.

And did you see this article in the NY Times this weekend? Chilling.

Oh, here's Jordan Sparks' performance, one of my favorite Bee Gees tunes, "To Love Somebody." Wow, what a cool performance of this song. Ix-nay my comment on Lakesha. This is the best performance all night. Wow. Amazing presence for a 17-yr-old.

Oh Melinda, good song choice, bad version.

OK that's it for now. Photos below of my hard work in the garden! Yay, flowers!

Pretty flowers!

Ah I love spring. The 10 days of sun between all the rain in April and the 20 days we'll get in June. Saturday I went to the plant store and started planting. Got my hands and jeans good and dirty and was duly rewarded by Randy with fried Ipswich clams at the Summer Shack. After I showered of course. And got the dirt out from under my nails. I sure hope it all lives!

I have a whole routine of watering and dead-heading each night and then we grill. Yum. Got a new grill too, which rocks, and will get lots of use this year.

Below is the garden, we've got a small plot of grass and excellent dirt with lots of worms and perennials in it. I added the pot of geraniums, the purple spikey Salvias, the pansy, and the green stuff that will have bright pink flowers on it this summer.

We have a really hard time getting the grass to grow especially here where it's shaded most of the day, so I threw in some New Zealand Impatiens, which have dark green leaves and bright pink flowers. The green leafy Hostas come up each year on their own and so does that ground-cover stuff on the right. The ivy on the left grows long and strong. Birdbath, courtesy of Mom.

I added one more Impatiens here. So pretty!

Can't grow grass under the bench either so I plopped in a couple of shade-loving ferns. If they don't die, they should fill in really nicely and pop up fresh each year. The pansies will only last 'til mid-summer but I might get lucky 'cause they're in the shade.

I love my garden this year! :-)

We live in the city, so the bright flowerboxes on the deck out back brighten it up and give us a tiny little bit more privacy (the neighbors can only see the tops of our heads!)

...except from the top two floors of the new condos across the street....

My favorite flowerbox is below.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Last couple weeks

Haven't written anything the last couple weeks!

Well, I did have my birthday. I've decided I'm 35 for the fifth time. Randy brought me to the Saturday 4/21 Red Sox game vs the Yankees. It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast - not to mention great seats. Josh Beckett got the win, and there were lots of hits and a Big Papi home run too. Right in the middle of the Red Sox sweep of the Yankees. Could not ask for a better weekend. I also got to sit in the sun and we fired up the grill with my favorite Savenor's chicken-so fresh and yummy you don't even need a knife to cut it. Mmmmm!

Randy also spoiled me yet again with a video ipod, so now you can all be tortured in person 'cause it holds all my pictures as well as all my music! It can also play TV shows and movies, so very cool for the airplane. The mini he gave me a few years ago is way full of music and now powers my car stereo. Which is very very cool. Lots of cars come with the ipod jack now, but my TC's stereo has has controls and displays on the stereo and I can change songs & volume from the steering wheel. Very cool! So, the new one travels with me to work where I hook it up to the player my brother gave me and all over the place.

This past weekend my friend Tor and his band had a big CD release party. I went with my good friend Amy. It was great to hang out with her for the day! Check this out if you want to hear some tracks. Then I spent Monday with my mom. It was really nice 'cause it was just us and we had a really nice afternoon together.

Let's see, what's making me mad these days? Oh yeah. Food. This whole stupid contaminated pet food thing is going to explode, 'cause now it's about to be found in our own food supply. I just read THIS ARTICLE today (and odd that it's in the Money section). I'm willing to bet they find melamine in baby formulas and protein supplements and pre-made vegetarian foods too. Not so bad for adults because we're big and can process lots of stuff, what the heck, 95% of us have Teflon in our bloodstream and live, but cripes it's scary to think how far it could get into our food supply, and how good can it be for babies? Oh and 6000 pigs have been fed this stuff and 38 chicken farms in the US have been identified as feeding it to the animals too. Oh, and - it's been going on for 15 years, even though it's banned here. Read this article, it's disturbing, melamine is PLASTIC, and it doesn't belong in food and it makes me soooooo mad that this stuff can sneak into our food supply undetected. It's fraud.

OK, I'm off my soapbox now.

Have a great rest of the week, it's almost halfway to Friday!