Thursday, November 06, 2008

My last day in London

A post a day in November...perfect time to get caught up on my pics! As you may or may not know, I went to London in early October to visit my friend Dave. We've been friends for over 20 years now, ever since I met him in the pub I worked at as a sophomore in college.
We went out the night before these shots were taken, and were really hung over, but because it was such a gorgeous day, my last day there...and because I had to bring back pictures of a Flat Stanley paper doll my niece had sent me, who really hadn't been photographed in anyplace famous yet, we dragged out butts out of the house and hit the train in the middle of the afternoon and made the trip into town. We hit Pizza Hut outside Charing Cross station, scarfed down a gigantic pizza with gigantic diet cokes (and honestly, we had the nicest waitress in London there, a rarity-we tipped well in the city that never tips!) and hit the pavement.

Here's Dave, catching up on some sleep on the train.

On the Strand, with the famous bus & phone booth right in the middle

Here's Flat Stanley at Trafalgar Square. The National Gallery is in the background, along with lots of tourists feeding the few pigeons that are left.

Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square

Shot taken near 10 Downing Street, which you used to be able to walk right up to get your picture taken in front of the Prime Minister's house, but now it's blocked off with serious gates and men with machine guns.

World War II memorial dedicated to women

Big Ben at the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is actually the bell, not the clock though.

Me at the Houses of Parliament

Tube station

Dave at the London Eye. Back in 1999, I was there the week they raised it from the river. Very cool to see. It was only supposed to be up for five years to celebrate the millenium, but it's a huge moneymaker and one of the biggest attractions in London now. It's about $25 to take a ride, but very much worth it to do at least once on a clear day or evening.

Near St James' Park. The ball is a memorial to the victims of the nightclub bombing in Bali a few years ago.

Buckingham Palace and the Queen Victoria statue

Flat Stanley got around.

Different view of the Queen Victoria statue, with the moon and the Big Ben clocktower in the background.

Piccadilly Circus

A wig party at the Cafe de Paris. That tall person with the mohawk is a man. My arms were raised over my head to take this shot. He must've been 7' tall with the platform stilettos on.

Wig party shot

So, you'll be tortured with more London pics this month, 'cause there's not much going on right now other than yardwork and finishing up the kitchen, which is now functional BTW, so you'll get pics of that soon too!


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to go again. Remember the gay bar we walked into by mistake?

ryssee said...

Mom? Is that you?! 'Cause I've walked into a few gay bars there by mistake.

Kimberly said...

Great shots. I cannot believe I've never been to London.


alan said...

Thank you for lovely photos of somewhere I'd always thought I'd have been by now!

Looking forward to more of them!

Especially love the one of the smiling girl in the leather jacket!