Friday, November 23, 2007

Pics from the Thanksgiving trip

Home safe! It's great to be on the couch with two happy kitties boinging around and even more food in our bellies. No Black Friday shopping today, and very easy travel. We had a nice lunch with Randy's parents before we left. We had a really nice Thanksgiving and visit.

Finally some pics from Thanksgiving, with a weird looking doggie in the middle

At the zoo:
One of Randy's best friends, Pat, with his wee one Jeremiah

This was right after the giraffe tried to eat Randy's new birthday camera.

A meerkat, who spied Randy and promptly flipped on her back for a belly scratch. Couldn't reach though.

Beeeg tiger prowling

Pink Flamingos!!!!

Walking to the gardens. This was my last chance to sport my favorite dress this year.

Me and a barn owl
This is Dusty, the albino Pekingese dog. Funny looking, but sweet. He does snort a lot.

The beautiful Thanksgiving dining room

Ricky, me, Bill, Papa Ricker, Mary Kate

R's niece, Jayne' Gayle

Mary Kate with her and Jayne' Gayle's mom Renee (she and Bill were with us in Hawaii this yr)

Randy's mom is so much prettier than this, but it's the only shot we got this time around. That's Randy's brother Ricky next to her.

This is Ricky and Nancy's daughter Emily (unfortunately no pic of Nancy)

Red Hat Randy.

Randy on the swings with the red-hat owner Livvy. She's a bit of a firecracker.

Livvy with a different kind of hat

Playing Apples to Apples. You should try it.

The Papa Ricker. Don't read my cards!

That's it for this year. I really should have insisted on the Ricker clan posing for a full-family photo. I failed. Ah well.
Tomorrow I collect Mom from the airport on her way home from Egypt. Looking forward to seeing her and hearing some stories!


Chris Curtin said...

If you like Apples to Apples, you'll love Uno.

Meghan is an Uno-shark. She'll save up the multiple-draw and 'skip' cards then slam you to end the game. 2 or 3 player is a lot meaner than 4 or more with they way my girls play.

Mix in a drinking game or two (drink on reverse, drink on color changes, double drink on 'draw 4' etc.) and it can be a lot of fun without the kids.

Add the quarters rules, like Thumb Master, no pointing etc. and it gets stupid fast. Even the non-coordinated (Pam?) can play.

Where in SC where you? It looks warmer than here.


alan said...

And I thought my life was a whirl!

Glad you had such fun! Great pics!

Thank you so much for your kind words!


HAR said...

I loved the pictures! It looks as if you and everyone enjoyed your visit.
Poor Dusty. He is rather strange looking.I think that was my first sighting of any albino canine. Much obliged.

Calamity Jen said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving.

Please tell me about Hawaii. I'm heading there for the first time in March and I'd love some tips on what-not-to-miss and what's not worth it.

Mom said...

What a neat way to meet Randy's family. Glad it was such a gala visit. They all seem like such likeable people.