Monday, November 26, 2007

Heard from my friend today

Odd, I'm having weird formatting issues today so I'm sorry
about the weird little font. The words are running off the right side of
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Heard from Carolyn in Iraq today. Her digs aren't too bad, the camp is
better than she thought. As far as injuries she's treated one person for
an IED
injury, but it wasn't one of ours. (Still tough for whoever's kid that
is though.)

She says the rest of her work has involved things like kidney stones and health concerns.

After reading C's email, I was looking for an address to send stuff to
if you're inspired to send stuff overseas to support the military.
It seems
they don't allow that operation Dear Abby anonymous stuff anymore which is
too bad. I remember sending letters when I was a kid. So, maybe you have a friend
or know someone whose kid is over there and wondered what to send.

Here's what Carolyn says about sending stuff over:

"Mail is taking about 5-7 days. It will probably slow down closer to Christmas. People
keep asking what to send. There is a SGT in the hospital who is the donations coordinator
and she said she would give me a list of soldiers' needs. I don't really
need anything, but it's cool to get mail. Anything we get we have to either
ship or bring home or give away before we leave so... But there are soldiers who
come in as patients with nothing. They get transported from their unit and their
clothes get removed from them when they hit our triage tent so they have no clothes
or PJs or unders to wear. I was told that inexpensive underwear, short and long
sleeve t-shirts and sweats or PJ bottoms are a great donation."


HAR said...

It is so sad the things that I take for granted. Like having clean new underwear and pajamas. God bless these men and women.

andy said...

Hey Rys! Andy here, Carolyn told me to check out your blog. She was blacked-out from communicating for a little bit, but is back online. Her address is
Capt. C.E. McL...
325 CSH Unit # 73325
APO, AE 09333-3325

I know this is not the address to send soldiers donations and stuff, but it is how you can send her written letters or tea or a DVD or sumpm.

Have a great day, kid! I gotta go to Charleston this weekend and stay warm for a bit.