Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I bought a sewing machine today

Isn't that funny?!

No I'm not gonna start making my own clothes-I have no design creativity. But I do have 3 pairs of pants and some tops to shorten to the perfect length. And maybe add a top button to a couple blazers so I can Lock and Load. I figure, for what I would pay for tailoring, I might as well try to do it myself. Save the tailor for taking jackets in or something.

Hemming everything isn't the problem. I've done it by hand several times, but that's really time consuming and my fingers hurt from stabbing myself. I'm sure I can figure it out. Once I figure out the GdDm sewing machine.


alan said...

Right after I was assigned to the Kittyhawk back in '73 they figured out that the "new style" working uniforms they gave us, being synthetic stuff, burned with a pale blue flame. Not a good thing on the flight deck. So we had to discard them immediately.

Of course, they didn't issue new ones, so I had to go to the ship's store and buy dungarees. They didn't keep the "Seafarer" ones we bought in the Exchanges on base; they kept unhemmed ones. Being 17 and not having a lot of patience, it wasn't that I couldn't sew, but just rolling them up inside and using a stapler 4 or 5 times around from the inside was so much easier...



Chris Curtin said...

Alan, I had a math teacher in high school who hemmed her skirts with staples. Thanks for the flash back!

Ris, what model did you get? Meghan wants one for Christmas and I'm sure you already did all the research.


Kimberly said...

I have been known to put up an emergency hem with masking tape.

You are good. I really, honestly don't think I have any sewing genes, which is odd since my mom is really skilled and can sew anything.

HAR said...

This is the second blogger in two days to buy a sewing machine. It may be a new thread.

Corny, sorry.

ryssee said...

I used to staple.
Ditto. It's a Kenmore I got on sale from Sears. two steps up from the basic. Just make sure it sews denim.
Kim: We'll see about the genes (AND jeans). My mom is the same as yours with the sewing.
That is waayyyy too funny.