Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I was gonna post pics and stuff today but we can't get the wireless to work on the laptop, and I'm not gonna mess with Randy's parents' desktop computer to upload the pics!
So, today, I'll just say, I'm thankful for my family and friends including their health and happiness through this year, my sweet one Randy, his wonderful family for including me in their holiday, and my pretty much fortunate life in general.
Oh and of course I'm thankful for my unseen-but-not-unknown-blog-friends and their humor and perspectives! It's great to take peeks into each others lives and thoughts.
We're going home tomorrow. Can't wait to see the kitties and sleep in our own bed!
I pick up my mom from the airport on Saturday. I hope she had a great time in Egypt. I missed her for the holiday but it was totally worth it to see her live out a dream for herself.
Well, that's it for tonight!


alan said...

That own bed thing is one to be thankful for after a few days!


Glad you had a great time!


Chris Curtin said...

Happy Thanksgiving Ris

Nice to holiday in the South huh?

We woke up yesterday morning to a thunderstorm with all the lightning and thunder you'd expect in the summer. No complaints, with the drought we'll take whatever we can.

We'll probably put up the Christmas stuff this weekend, in shorts! ;-)