Saturday, November 17, 2007

More than halfway through NaBloPoMo

Hey we're more than halfway through National Blog Posting Month! Yay! It's not easy coming up with stuff to say every day when there's not that much stuff going on.

One thing I read in the news today that piqued my interest. Today is the first annual National Black Cat day in Italy. They want to remove the stigma attached to black cats. I guess over 60K black kitties are killed by superstitious people over there every year, isn't that horrible? My black kitty is the sweetest. I can't believe she's bad luck with all the love and laughs she gives us. And my old black cat Sadie wasn't very friendly, she was a true one-person cat, but she was great company to me for over 14 years. Anyway, hope it works out well for those Italian cats.


(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

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alan said...

When we got Frankie is was because he had been diagnosed with FLV and my daughter-in-law couldn't keep him with the two cats she already had, one of whom was 19 and would probably not have survived the vaccine. When the 2nd test came back negative he was already too much a part of the family to let go.

He is all black, with beautiful green eyes. With the FLV diagnosis he became a strictly indoor cat; after we found out differently we saw no reason to change it.

Somehow with all the terrible things people do to each other, their cruelty to animals doesn't surprise me, though it tears at my heart...