Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mom's home!

She's back! I picked her up today at Logan. She was very tired but she looked radiant. She was full of stories about her travels and has about 800 pictures to show us. Or maybe 670 once she weeds the bad ones out.

The photo above is borrowed. It is, what I hope, her picture will look like with her standing in front of it. Because the LCD viewer on her brand-new camera crapped out the last day, the day they visited the Sphinx. But she still tried to get some last pix on Friday, the last tour day, before sleeping a couple hours before boarding her plane at about 9PM last night my time. Mind you, it was about 4:00 am Egypt time!

After 15 or so hours of travel, sitting next to not one, but TWO men with horrifying halitosis, her plane landed early at Logan. I got there into the terminal at 1:23pm, about 1/2 hour after it landed, stood around, chatted with some people, thinking, hm there's only a couple foreign flights coming in. She should be out in about 10-15 minutes. Then the phone rings. It's Mom. Can't get her luggage 'cause the cargo door on the plane is frozen shut. And she was upset and worried about us waiting. I was thinking, well, I've only been involved in this day for about 45 minutes including the drive, the parking, and the walking into the terminal. This can't be helped! So I said, well, it can't be helped, these things happen. So I wait. I meet a fellow waiter, who happens to either own or run an agency in Boston that specializes in the kind of travel that she likes to do. Details: CHECK. Website: CHECK.

So, my brother was meeting us west of Boston in Framingham, to meet us then drive her the last 2 hrs 15 minutes home. I told him on Thursday that I thought we'd be there around 2:30-2:45. This pushed it back to 3:15 or 3:30. He calls me at 2:00. "Where are you guys?"

Needless to say, he and the kids spent a lot of time at the Petco at Shopper's World. We finally met up with them at about 3:30 (45 minutes late due to the frozen door) and the kids went crazy! "NANA! NANA! NANA!"

Anyway, her trip was great. She went by herself as you know. Saw everything she wanted to see. Telling me, "When YOU go..." Not if, but when! I thought that was great.

She was evidently the belle of the ball, adopted by a bunch of really fun people on the cruise. The foreign men all flirted with her and gave her a big ole' ego boost. She doesn't realize how attractive she is, especially when she's doing something she loves.

She was one of only about 4 Americans and everyone else was from Canada and Australia. So she was dubbed an honorary Ausnadian. Determined to prove unsound the theory that Americans are ugly overseas. Sounds like she succeeded.

Looking forward to seeing the pics. I wanna help her get them edited and all pretty before she brings them in for printing. Maybe throw a few on the calendar that she alway pretends she's not sure if she's gonna get or not. (Who knows, I might not make it for her this year. Wink Wink.)


HAR said...

Tell me, does mom travel alone? It sounds like such an adventure.
Aside from the return trip with the two smelly mouth men.
There is nothing worse than being stuck on a plane next to anyone smelly!

Mom said...

I do indeed have the most wonderful daughter (and family) in the world. It's a wonderful trip and all of you had better go someday.

alan said...

If I had a daughter I'd wish her to be just like you!


Kimberly said...

I'm glad she is home and cannot WAIT to see the photos at Christmas.