Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Got to Columbia today...78 and sunny. Very far from the 37 we left in Boston this morning.
Everything here is new. New cars, new homes. Looks like a nice place to live. We stepped out for a drive around Randy's hometown and grabbed a couple beers at this place downtown.
Great dinner at Randy's sister's house. 12 people total. Yummy Papa Ricker spag sauce and great lasagna from Renee. Great to see her and Bill again, the last time was in Hawaii in Feb (ya gotta look up the old posts for that trip!)
Looking forward to a nice long sleep and another really nice and fun day tomorrow.


alan said...

35, freezing rain and snow here right now...warm sounds very good!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lucky man!


HAR said...

That weather sounds lovely! So does the food :)

Have a great time.I am going to look up Hawaii.