Thursday, November 01, 2007

NaBloPoMo, sheesh!

Oh why oh why did I sign up for a post a month?! I have nothing to say right now. Well, not much interesting anyway. I think I'm done posting about the Red Sox for a while at least. I miss baseball already. Well, maybe we'll re-sign Lowell and have some good trades to get me excited.
Well. Hm. First Post of 30 in 30 days. Well, yesterday was Halloween. I can write about that!
I went to CVS to buy candy (too much as always). I left work at about 4:45 since all the grown-ups with kids left at around 3:30 to dress up their wee ones. I figured I'd get home for the first bell-ringers and no one at work would notice I'd left. They didn't.
Randy called me at around 5:15 to say he stopped for candy. teehee. I didn't even think to tell him I did, 'cause I thought that was my thing.
Well, we had ONE trick or treater, and she didn't even yell "TRICK OR TREAT!" And it was a pirate. Hm. The #1 Costume of 2007. Jeepers. Now I have 87 tiny candy bars (I gave out 3 of 90) plus the stuff that Randy brought home minus what the kid grabbed.
We went to Pittsfield over the weekend to see my family and go to my buddy Tor's Halloween bash at one of my ole-time favorite bars, the Depot. (Ideas for another post brewing now!) His band the Rev Tor Band was great as usual and they jammed up the steam machine and we got some cool pics. Plus they has the World Series game on a big screen above the band. A very strange way to see a live band and a very strange way to watch a championship baseball game.
Randy dressed as Dick Cheney and I had no costume, but after rooting around in my mom's closet ideas started coming together. What was NOT going to happen was giving up my lucky Red Sox hat, the one with the glitter on the B. It went 5-for-5 at Fenway this year and I was NOT gonna give it up. And then, I could think of no other time when I would be able to wear sequins in Pittsfield. See below for pics.
That's IT for today. See you tomorrow. (Oh and PLEASE post comments so I know someone is reading!!)

Note: rifle is in safety mode
Front of shirt features no less than 2000 sequins.

Steamy Rev Tor show


Kimberly said...

Awww . . . the Depot. ::sniff::

You looked great! And I freakin' LOVE Randy's costume. LOVE! Cheney was hunting in Upstate NY earlier this week. His entourage consisted of 27 cars and an ambulance. Too. Many. Jokes.

CarpeDM said...

Awesome costumes! I love Randy's, what a great idea.

Happy Day 2!

Chris Curtin said...

Very cool costume. Before I saw the picture I was wondering how he'd do that.

Typical suburban halloween here. Lots of kids, lots of candy. Lots of pirates and Transformers (anyone else feel odd that the Transformers are cool again? I had several as a youth.)

No inappropriate costumes this year. Neither teenagers or parents. Last year was VERY interesting.

Being in GA the temps were in the mid 60's so I sat outside with the bucket, a beer and played PSP between kids.


Mom said...

Soooo, do we not see the front of the glittery top because of camera flashback - like taking a pix in front of a mirror? The whole effect was awesome.