Saturday, November 10, 2007

Big purge, part deux

Not much exciting to write about again today. Unless you like to talk about wardrobe perfection.
I converted my closet from summer to winter today. I got rid of 4 large garbage bags full of clothes and 1 large garbage bag full of shoes. Donated a bunch of good stuff to Salvation Army. There IS some good stuff in there. Someone is getting a bunch of brand name clothes and really good running shoes at a 95% discount in the coming weeks.
I am taking advice from Stacy and Clinton of TLC's What Not To Wear. If it's too old, too short, too old, or doesn't go with anything, it goes away. I purged all the stuff I put on 6 times this year then pulled off 'cause it wasn't quite right. So, I am thinking I have a mighty mighty streamlined wardrobe. Doesn't matter anyway, 'cause on my floor at work, everyone is dressed in jeans and the freebie clothes we give away and sell at events, plus it's so freakin' cold we end up wearing the winter gear we make for winter anyway. But I likes to have the options.
Anyway, most of the stuff I got rid of was purchased during the short-shirt era, which I hated, not only because it was unflattering on most people, but because my chest and shoulders made most of that stuff more than way too short for me anyway. And because everything went in the dryer, shortness was further enhanced. And about 20% of it was purchased at my ultimate thinness in 2001, right after I lost 25-27 lbs and I was thinking I could wear anything. Plus I like to think I'm 13 yrs younger than I am and I love trends. Bad when you are pushing 40 so hard that 40 is laughing at you.
When you lose weight to get to a healthier size, you just wanna see how thin you can get. But your body wants to be 7-10 lbs more than that. At least for most people I know that have achieved good amounts of weight loss. But the truth is, you get to the healthy size, you wanna look like a model, and insanity sets in. 'Cause you still like buffalo wings and pizza and beer and hamburgers. It's inevitable.
Lesson learned. Don't shop at that weight unless you want to feel really bad about re-gaining 7-10 lbs. 'Cause it only lasts a few weeks. It's unavoidable, and you'll be really mad you spent that money thinking you'll maintain the Ultimate Thinnest Point if you're not making a career of it or trying to gain weight to be healthy.
I like to like the way I look in my clothes, so anything that made me feel bad about myself went into the Hefty bag. I like everything I have left and I constantly shop for entertainment so I'm sure I'll go through another purge in 6 months once the summer clothes come back out.
On another note, I hope no one buys me any cream-colored sweaters this year for Christmas, because I have 4. One turtleneck, one merino wool and two cashmere. How the heck did that happen?
Also, I am too large for my skinny pants and too small for my fat pants. Hope the fat pants don't start looking good 'cause that would be bad. Maybe I need to go shopping?


Kimberly said...

Oh, I love the purge. It's so freeing.

And you are so right about that "thinnest point" thing. I did the same thing myself a number of years ago.

alan said...

I managed to fight my way down 100 pounds about 18 months ago, then life got busy and I lost my gym time...thank goodness I kept the clothes. Having fought the battle once and won, I know I can now, I just have to win the war, lol!

With that smile, I don't think anyone is going to notice anything else, anyway!


Chris Curtin said...

Do you still have the orange skirt? ;-)

I loved ' Bad when you are pushing 40 so hard that 40 is laughing at you' - add 'and you have 2 kids reminding you that you are almost 40 and not to hurt yourself picking up things'.

HAR said...

I love merino wool and cashmere. Soft and cuddly.

Cleaning out your closet really makes you feel better. It's nice to look in there and not get confused.