Thursday, November 08, 2007

Do I hafta pay this ticket??

I knew it was coming. But there was no place else to park. So, I parked my car on the far corner and was able to slip into the spot with the entire car lined up against a curb, on the side of the street that abuts angled parking spots with a fence at the end of it so no cars can get through.
Not even the back end was sticking out anywhere.
But as I was parking, I knew, I just had the feeling. I was gonna get a ticket. For parking within 20 ft of an intersection.
Sure enough, morning comes, and there's my ticket. Construction-worker orange blazed from the windshield, complimenting the bright blue that was the morning sky. Also a nice color to set off the sparkley dark gray-blue gray paint that is Scion TC Flint Mica.
So, I walk out to the car, pull it off and put it on the passenger seat.
I think, darn it, 25 bucks. Have to make lunch for the next 4 days instead of eating in the caf.
I drive down to the construction-ridden main road, which of course will be under construction until the fall of 2008 for "improvements" to infrastructure. Just like my favored route to work that I haven't used in 7 months. Anyway, I'm sitting at the light, which is green, but it doesn't matter because there's a cop directing traffic there, and my lane is Stop for the Hand.
I pick up the ticket to read. Heck, other people are driving in my congested city with cell phones glued to their ears and newspapers in their hands, so why not?
It says:
VIOLATION: Parking within 20 feet of an intersection.
NOTES: 3 feet (well, that was very generous of the officer. It was more like 15 inches from the butt end of my car to the end of the curb.)
MODEL: Unknown
LICENSE PLATE: um, one letter is incorrect. It's a K instead of an X!
So, if I ignore it, will they get me?


alan said...

If they wrote down the registration number off the tag, yes...


Kimberly said...

Dunno. You might be able to fight it if it's worth it. I got one in NYC where they wrote down the wrong street and I got out of it, but it took me writing a few letters to get it done.