Sunday, November 18, 2007

Moscow Cats Theatre

OK, so last night we went to the Moscow Cats Theatre show. Maybe you've seen them on Good Morning America or one of those shows? These Russian folks have trained cats to do tricks, ride on those little electric car things, shimmey up poles, do handstands, walk on tightropes, amongst other funny little tricks that you can't believe they can be trained to do.
Well, you all know how I feel about cats. Also, how I feel about having something to do on a Saturday night. So, I wasn't terribly stung by the $54.90 tickets plus all the "bend over" fees from Ticketmaster.
I can't get my cats to do anything, other than jump up against the plastic shower curtain in the downstairs bathroom to fight while I'm doing my thing. Can't get 'em to play piano like Nora the Piano Playing Cat (dudes, you GOTTA click that link). Can't get 'em to roll over and play dead. Can't even get 'em to fetch.
So, I was all over this.
We get there in plenty of time for the show. All excited to see performing kitties.
Well, I gotta tell you. If you're all over fat 55-year-old Russian clowns and mimes then this show is for you. 'Cause it's about 50 minutes worth of them and 20 minutes worth of cat tricks. I hafta say, it was really cool to see these trained kitties, especially the ones that didn't feel like doing their tricks, 'cause we all know how ornery kitties can be. There was this one kitty that kept running out to perform the trick, refused to do it, then ran right offstage. Every time. And another that ran out, stopped halfway to his place, and started clawing at the carpet like "this is the best thing EVER, I love this thing!" He turned around and headed for the stairs to check out the audience.
But there were others who ran right out and walked on large furry beach balls, others who swung around on circles, and yet others who rode on 1:50 ratio SUVs across the stage. Others who kept switching lights on and another who climbed 15 ft above the stage then nose-dived into a pillow. got so see some good tightrope action, but alas, the handstander wouldn't handstand, in three attempts. Oh well, it was their third performance of the day.
Honestly, we could've done without the silly clown acts. We've seen much better at Faneuil Hall and many other places. I would've given them $35 per person to see kitty acts for half an hour. But, it was what it was. We went to dinner after and really, a week from now I won't remember the average Russian clowns and mimes.
And I WILL have a cat that plays piano. Someday.


randy said...

honestly, what do you do in this day and age if you are a fat, russian mime/juggler/clown? you don't want to give up perfroming, but interest in your art has, to say the least, evaporated.

train some kittes and you can do all your old routines and charge patrons like Prince!

good for them 'cept they hustled us.

if the tile had been trained kitties plus fat, mediocre mimes/ jugglers, i think we might have second thoughts.

anyway, the cats were cool.


alan said...

I can't imagine training Frankie to do anything...

Though rattling the treat bag works pretty well if I want him out of our bed!



Kimberly said...

Sounds . . . interesting. Well, the cat acts anyway. Nora is adorable - was she there?

Mom said...

I've always loved cats because they're sooo untrainable. My heart is with the rebels who stayed true to their species by refusing to participate.