Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gratuitous post

...because it's this silly post-a-day thing for NaBloPoMo and I have to do it 'cause I promised.

Work: Mindless tasks all day.
Home: Randy is home from NY!
Cats: Fighting.
Email: Message from Carolyn, who as of yesterday was in Kuwait. They have Starbucks at the camp.
Dinner with two girls I worked with in the old building: Great.
# of people that staple their hems (so far, see last post): 2
Funniest reply to the sewing machine post:
HAR said...
This is the second blogger in two days to buy a sewing machine. It may be a new thread.
Corny, sorry.

1 comment:

alan said...

Carrying on the last thread...

Actually, I'm going to end up learning the hard way most likely...

50 years ago my Dad bought my Mom a "dressmaker" Singer. Gear driven; no belt. Though I remember her using it occasionally through the years, it was Dad who really put it to work when he decided to recover his platform rocker (195 Bishop) so she had no excuse to replace it. When she bought wall to wall carpet he did it a 2nd time.

It's still wearing the same upholstery today, but 38 years on it needs to be redone, and I sure can't afford to pay anyone to do it.

Of course, I have the sewing machine he used...I also remember the hole through his thumbnail he showed me...

Dottie won't touch it because it's such a pain to set the tension on!

Glad Randy's back!