Sunday, November 04, 2007

Daylight savings time is over :-(

Yeah that extra hour of sleep was nice. But CRAP. It's 5:11 and very dark outside. I feel like I'm supposed to go to bed in two hours!
Last night was fun. Randy had his friends over for poker. Cool people and they play all sorts of different games and make up a bunch of rules. I don't play though 'cause I don't want to lose all my money. I'd rather waste it at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.
We now have a fridge full of 7 different kinds of beer. Everyone brought a 12 or 18 pack last night and left the remains. So, we're ready for the first dark and stormy night of the winter, whenever that might be. It IS a shame that none of them have a taste for Grey Goose vodka or Hendricks gin though.
Ah well. This qualifies as a post for NaBloPoMo. See ya tomorrow. Oh yeah and please validate me with COMMENTS! :-)


Chris Curtin said...

Being several hundred miles farther west now than when I grew up, DST is a lot different. I remember having about 45 minutes of light left after getting home from school in winter. Now it gets dark around 5:00 in the middle of the winter.

I also remember waking up at 5:30 in the summer because the sun came up (Don't miss that part ;-)

Moving the 'fall back' part to Nov. made Halloween a lot different this year. It was still bright daylight at 6:30 and no one was out trick-or-treating yet. Things didn't get moving until after 7.

You should try playing poker with all the silly rules. Remember all the drinking games from college? You can try them. (Thumb master, anyone?). Show them what you REALLY learned at ZOOMASS.

Kimberly said...

I hate DST. HATE. It messes w/ my kids' sleep schedules and we all suffer. And, like you, I'm ready for bed at 7:30.

Mom said...

I'm using a full spectrum light in the morning to see if it'll help with SADS