Thursday, May 31, 2007


Oh so happy about all the sunny, warm weather we've had!
Nice long 3-day weekend last weekend. We had our sales meeting at work and the company agreed to be sold right at the end of it. Was a big surprise to all, and was exhausting on top of all the other work we had to do before and after.
SO, we were very happy to get early release at work on Friday. I decided to go to the mall and get an impromptu haircut, took about two inches off, it's cute. Hangs about an inch under my earlobes when I tuck it behind my ears like I always do. Seems like May is the month for hair change for me...was a year ago that I went from bright blond to brown.
Came home and Randy and I sat out on our deck with all my plants and our new chairs and tiki torches, grilled, had a couple bevvies, and played Yahtzee. I am now the reigning Yahtzee champion in our household. All is right in my little world once again.
We slept in (well, in for us, 8:30 or so instead of 6:30), read the paper, watched the news, caught up on Tivo. It was gorgeous so we decided to do something besides sit on the deck and play games, so we went to the zoo to see the annimules (my new word for animals). Saw cool tigers and an ostrich and a great gorilla exhibit. Saw giraffes and giant cockroaches and all sorts of birds and prairie dogs. Then we went to Tavern on the Water in Charlestown, right on the harbor, for a late lunch. Yummy gigantic lobster roll with a view. Came home, sat in the sun, grilled again, then went to a reggae show at Johnny Ds. Randy knew one of the guys in the band. They were good. All originals (instead of all Bob Marley), songs well-written and well-played.
It being Memorial Day weekend and all, it was quiet all around town and it was looking tough to get a cab back from the bar, so we (OK, I) decided, let's walk. Well, in March when I was jonesing for nice weather, I bought these gorgeous red patent leather sandals with cool cork soles. Fit great, look great. Let's just say they're not meant to be walked in for 1.5 miles. Now I have giant blisters on the TOP of my feet and can't wear my fab shoes again until they heal.
Sunday :
I made a giant breakfast, gorgeous out again so we tackled the last of the gross dirty stuff in the yard. We have a composter which I don't know how to use, which didn't matter 'cause I couldn't reach it anyway, because two years ago (the last time the gardener came) he left everything neatly in bags from when he cut down the bushes and plants in Fall 2004. I'm here to tell ya, the bags ARE biodegradeable. Much more so than the stuff in 'em.
Also cleaned up the leaves and trash that have accumulated in the driveway (hereafter known as Batcave) since November. All the leaves and trash in our congested neighborhood blow into the batcave for some reason. Three biodegradable bags and 5 trash cans later, everything was clean.
So then I decided to weed my excellent garden and weed-whack the lawn 'cause it was up to about 8" high. Plugged in the weed-whacker; it chugged and sputtered and pretty much died. "Randy? We need a better lawn-mowing solution!" So on to the internet and off to Tag's Hardware we went. Now I have a nifty little push mower to hack at the grass with. "My honeypie wants a lawn-mowing solution, she'll have one." Yeah....he bought the mower and I mow the grass. How's that for true love? :-)
Darn it, 80 hours ago Randy said, "We have 80 hours before we have to go back to work!" All of a sudden most of that time was gone! Hm, what did we do on Monday? Oh yeah, we went to the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets and did our part to move the economy along. It was PACKED there, like always. Like when we left to go to the car, we walked down the row in the parking lot and for 5 minutes (we were far) a car was following us to get our space when we left...then we realized we were parked in the wrong row and someone else lucked into the spot. It's always like that there. Anyway, I got 4 teeshirts and that's about it. Randy scored some nice dress shirts and a cool yellow linen plaid one. Went home, and what did we do? Grilled again!
So now he's in the midwest visiting his offices and I'm working my ass off this week, which for some reason is always freakin' busy as hell after we have our sales meetings. Thank god tomorrow is Friday! And Randy comes home, and the Yankees are coming to town! Might have to get my butt taken out to dinner this weekend and watch a few good Red Sox/Yankees games in public.

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Now is a great time to play the Yankees!