Tuesday, May 08, 2007

American Idol, Soapbox, and other stuff

Yay, Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees is the mentor tonight on American Idol! I just might know every word to every Bee Gees song ever recorded! Well not all of them but probably 70%.
And wow, what an odd performance from Blake, who I like and thought would be Top 2 with Jordin Sparks. He freakin' beat-boxed to the Bee Gees!

Anything else? Yes! Kelsey is making her First Communion on Saturday. I still remember mine, and still have the jewelry I received as gifts. I'm giving her a pretty and simple gold cross to wear for all her special religious occasions. I hope she likes it and wants to wear it on her special day. I still can't believe they let me be her Godmother, skeptical and very lapsed Catholic that I am! Well, she doesn't have to know until much later in life, does she? Thank Whatever Higher Being you believe in that she hasn't asked about why I live with Randy if we're not married!

What else. Oh yeah, my soapbox. The pet food recall is turning into People Food issues, which you're probably seeing in the news now. Pigs, fish, and chicken have all been fed tainted food. 20 million chickens that were fed melamine-laced food have just been released for slaughter and egg production. Better get to the store and freeze whatever you can. Oh wait, it's been happening for 15 years. Again, you know what, it probably won't hurt us, but (oh yeah, ROCK it Lakesha - oops, Idol break) but it's in the human food chain. Even at organic farms. Even if you haven't been following this story, click the Pet Food Recall link and go to the main menu - Ichmo posts articles everyday about the direction this stupid Chinese manufacturing food freakin' mela-fraud is going. And on top of it all, these animals, whose parts are being fed to our pets, are being fed the same stuff they mixed into the pet food in the first place. Ironic.

And did you see this article in the NY Times this weekend? Chilling.

Oh, here's Jordan Sparks' performance, one of my favorite Bee Gees tunes, "To Love Somebody." Wow, what a cool performance of this song. Ix-nay my comment on Lakesha. This is the best performance all night. Wow. Amazing presence for a 17-yr-old.

Oh Melinda, good song choice, bad version.

OK that's it for now. Photos below of my hard work in the garden! Yay, flowers!

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