Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Last couple weeks

Haven't written anything the last couple weeks!

Well, I did have my birthday. I've decided I'm 35 for the fifth time. Randy brought me to the Saturday 4/21 Red Sox game vs the Yankees. It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast - not to mention great seats. Josh Beckett got the win, and there were lots of hits and a Big Papi home run too. Right in the middle of the Red Sox sweep of the Yankees. Could not ask for a better weekend. I also got to sit in the sun and we fired up the grill with my favorite Savenor's chicken-so fresh and yummy you don't even need a knife to cut it. Mmmmm!

Randy also spoiled me yet again with a video ipod, so now you can all be tortured in person 'cause it holds all my pictures as well as all my music! It can also play TV shows and movies, so very cool for the airplane. The mini he gave me a few years ago is way full of music and now powers my car stereo. Which is very very cool. Lots of cars come with the ipod jack now, but my TC's stereo has has controls and displays on the stereo and I can change songs & volume from the steering wheel. Very cool! So, the new one travels with me to work where I hook it up to the player my brother gave me and all over the place.

This past weekend my friend Tor and his band had a big CD release party. I went with my good friend Amy. It was great to hang out with her for the day! Check this out if you want to hear some tracks. Then I spent Monday with my mom. It was really nice 'cause it was just us and we had a really nice afternoon together.

Let's see, what's making me mad these days? Oh yeah. Food. This whole stupid contaminated pet food thing is going to explode, 'cause now it's about to be found in our own food supply. I just read THIS ARTICLE today (and odd that it's in the Money section). I'm willing to bet they find melamine in baby formulas and protein supplements and pre-made vegetarian foods too. Not so bad for adults because we're big and can process lots of stuff, what the heck, 95% of us have Teflon in our bloodstream and live, but cripes it's scary to think how far it could get into our food supply, and how good can it be for babies? Oh and 6000 pigs have been fed this stuff and 38 chicken farms in the US have been identified as feeding it to the animals too. Oh, and - it's been going on for 15 years, even though it's banned here. Read this article, it's disturbing, melamine is PLASTIC, and it doesn't belong in food and it makes me soooooo mad that this stuff can sneak into our food supply undetected. It's fraud.

OK, I'm off my soapbox now.

Have a great rest of the week, it's almost halfway to Friday!

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