Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pretty flowers!

Ah I love spring. The 10 days of sun between all the rain in April and the 20 days we'll get in June. Saturday I went to the plant store and started planting. Got my hands and jeans good and dirty and was duly rewarded by Randy with fried Ipswich clams at the Summer Shack. After I showered of course. And got the dirt out from under my nails. I sure hope it all lives!

I have a whole routine of watering and dead-heading each night and then we grill. Yum. Got a new grill too, which rocks, and will get lots of use this year.

Below is the garden, we've got a small plot of grass and excellent dirt with lots of worms and perennials in it. I added the pot of geraniums, the purple spikey Salvias, the pansy, and the green stuff that will have bright pink flowers on it this summer.

We have a really hard time getting the grass to grow especially here where it's shaded most of the day, so I threw in some New Zealand Impatiens, which have dark green leaves and bright pink flowers. The green leafy Hostas come up each year on their own and so does that ground-cover stuff on the right. The ivy on the left grows long and strong. Birdbath, courtesy of Mom.

I added one more Impatiens here. So pretty!

Can't grow grass under the bench either so I plopped in a couple of shade-loving ferns. If they don't die, they should fill in really nicely and pop up fresh each year. The pansies will only last 'til mid-summer but I might get lucky 'cause they're in the shade.

I love my garden this year! :-)

We live in the city, so the bright flowerboxes on the deck out back brighten it up and give us a tiny little bit more privacy (the neighbors can only see the tops of our heads!)

...except from the top two floors of the new condos across the street....

My favorite flowerbox is below.


Rice said...

I like your blog. Won't hold it against you that you are a Red Sox fan. :)

Anonymous said...

Grass sucks. Yea flowers. You're doing a lovely job.

Kimberly said...

Nice job!