Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pre-summer pics

Yeah, I'm a little behind and haven't been posting much. Here's a little catching up.

Late May; Caelin's First Communion. I can't believe she's old enough! She was so excited. Kelsey's was last year, which seems like yesterday. Once again, we had a gorgeous day. Caelin looked beautiful, and they had a nice ceremony where all the kids got to participate in their special day.

Pretty princess after her ceremony. She was so happy and proud on her special day. I think she's also happy here 'cause they had doughnuts. :-)

I love this picture-it totally captures her personality.

Who loves her auntie?

What a lovely, grown-up girl!

Ready to be done with it all, and get into her normal weekend clothes; with her Mom, Tracy (love her!), and sister Kelsey (who also loves auntie)!

Bike ride in Boston, Randy and me, on either Memorial Day Weekend or the first weekend in June? Can't remember, but it was gorgeous. We rode from home, to Harvard Square where this picture was taken (that's me on the bike by the stop light), along the Charles River, across Mass. Ave, then through the Esplanade. Rode past the Garden where the Celtics play, into the North End, then wound our way along the harbor to the Aquarium/Faneuil Hall area. Easy ride back home. A really fun few hours, but our butts really hurt at the end of it. I need a wide-load seat with springs.

Under the bridge that supports the T, by the Museum of Science

This is in a really cool part of Boston on the harbor that you wouldn't see unless you were on the Harbor-walk. It's so quiet here. Can't believe it's a 5-minute walk from here to some of the busiest places in Boston. (Nice picture, Randy!)

On our way to Provincetown on Cape Cod, the weekend before summer officially begins. This picture was taken outside the World Trade Center in the Seaport district in South Boston.

This boat gets to P-Town in 90 minutes. The regular ferry takes about 2.5-3 hours, which would have been fine but we were taking a day trip.

At the front of the ferry. Good way to get some body in the ole hairstyle.

Provincetown harbor

View from the restaurant's deck, where we enjoyed a beer and some scenery.

On Commercial Street. The perfect blend of art galleries and tourist (read: summer) shops.
There were also several really beautiful gardens on this street. Put me to shame.

This is the Pilgrim Monument. The Mayflower first landed at Provincetown, at the tip of Cape Cod, where the pilgrims either took one look at the soil and said "We'll starve!", or took a look at the winter and said, "Dudes, it's pretty here and all, but really, let's try someplace else." They wound up in Plymouth (hence, Plymouth Rock, which really is just a rock surrounded by a small monument). Yeah. Winter's sooo much better there.

Great seafood at Townsend Lobster Co., and also a fantastic photo op.

'Nuff said. If I weren't so stuffed from the other place I'd have had some chowder here.

Randy on Commercial Street.

Church with a sculpture on Commercial Street.

Modelling my new summer hat.

Deck time in Somerville! I spent about 1.7 million dollars on dirt and baby plants to create our little haven in the 'ville. That tomato plant is now about 4' tall and will give us at least 30 tomatoes, which I'm pretty sure will all ripen up in the same week, when we'll have no guests.

The garden

This corner is dark and shaded by a tree that drinks all the water and sunlight. I am very proud of this little corner now. It's mine! Can't say much about the grass but the flowers and new bush and hostas look nicer than plain black dirt.

Close-up of my carefully cultivated impatiens patch in the shade.

On the deck: a really cool lamp post my mom gave us for Christmas. We even turn on the lights when we're on the deck after dark. I was so excited when Randy pulled it out of the box and put it up-it meant the weather was good enough to start grilling and for sitting outside late.

View of the deck from the garden.

The first bunch of our 30 tomatoes that we won't be able to use.

Petunias up close

I love my flower boxes this year.


HAR said...

Wow, I loved your post today. I was having withdrawals.

Let's just say that "you have the life." You and Randy remind me of my two best friends. Traveling around and enjoying life.

I am sooo with you on the big bike seat with extra springs.

We could use some of your homegrown tomatoes. I haven't had a tomato in a few weeks.

Your place looks beautiful, cozy and very inviting.

alan said...

What fantastic photos!

Thank you so much for the bright spot they've put in my morning!

We used to fly into Logan to catch a "puddle jumper" to Vermont when the boys were small and you couldn't fly direct into Burlington. I never got to explore it as I'd have liked to...

I'm sure things probably feel more hectic than the idyllic life you've shown us here, but it sure looks amazing from this side!

Thank you as well for all the kind words and for caring these last few months; it means so very much!


Anonymous said...

You displayed so many types of beauty! Loved it. Mom

Kimberly said...

Caelin looked beautiful. We (well, mainly the 2 girls) had a really fun time with them this weekend. We missed you!

I am SOO envious that you can go to P'town for a day trip. I mean seriously, I'm positively green. I love it there and have not been in ages.

Your garden looks amazing - nice job!

Calamity Jen said...

Your place looks awesome!

Do you have any tomato-starved neighbours? I"m sure that they would appreciate some guaranteed-salmonella-free tomatoes.