Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Over the weekend...

Oddest thing we saw over the weekend...a poetry reading during the Red Sox game at a sports bar.

...we went to the Summer Shack in Cambridge on Friday eve for some seafood (yummy lobstah roll). Decided to take the ferry to Provincetown on Cape Cod on Saturday (scene of the above-mentioned crime). You KNOW there are things you'll see going on in P-Town that you don't see in your normal everyday lives when you're straight and relatively sheltered. The Red Sox poetry reading was one of them, and a bearded 71-year-old transvestite singing through a karaoke machine was the other.

Aside from these particular oddities, it really was absolutely spectacular weather and made for a really nice day out. We wandered through the pretty town, which is also known for its art galleries and shops, got sand on our feet for the first time this summer, relaxed with some bevvies at a restaurant overlooking the harbor, shopped a little (new beach hat and shades!), and feasted on some righteous fried clams at the Townsend Seafood place. Only 5 tables and a bar-like thing to sit at there, definitely a good sign. Seafood both nights on the weekend makes me happy!

Good thing we made the most of the beautiful day. Sunday was cold and wet and we both had to do some work. A big change from our 1-day vacation to the Cape!

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