Tuesday, June 10, 2008

99 degrees and a man in a skirt

Actually, I've really liked these last few hot-hot-hot days. It's been sunny and really not too humid around these parts. My workplace is about 59 degrees which is a full 40 degrees cooler than outside, which makes my fingers to cold to type on the computer and utilize my genius in Excel, but other than that it's been great! Sit outside for a nice long time in the evenings, etc.

Today on the drive home from work, I saw a man wearing a polo style shirt paired with a red corduroy knee-length skirt. He seemed perfectly comfortable. I always have to figure out why someone did something - what was the reason? For the rest of my drive home, I thought about this. I to the conclusion that this man has a "No shorts" dress code at work. What do you think? Randy thinks he lost a bet.


Kimberly said...

Maybe he's trying to conceive with his significant other and needs to keep the boys cool and loose as they say.

But probably Randy is right.

Chris Curtin said...

Are you sure it wasn't a red kilt?

Mine is green of course, but they do have red ones.

Proof: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2292/1561608485_6fc43db982.jpg?v=0

Or he lost a bet.

it's not Haloween so he didn't borrow it from the lady across the hall ;-)

HAR said...

He was hot