Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Celtics just won...

...and my neighbors are throwing off fireworks.

Congratulations Boston Celtics! An unbelievable 131-92 victory over the LA Lakers in the NBA finals...first time since 1986.

I'm kind of a "Pink Hat" when it comes to these guys-you know the Sox are my team. But wow, they just dominated all season and played like the team they are. Just like the Sox in 04 and 07 they played like a team.

This is truly the pinnacle of Boston sports. Red Sox win the World Series, Patriots in the Superbowl (lost, but had an undefeated season), and the Celtics win the NBA finals.

Aw and now Paul Pierce has been named MVP. So happy for this guy-he's been here forever and aside from the dubious miracle on causeway street where he vaulted out of a wheelchair to lead the team to a win in game 1, he's been a class guy and a leader in this series.

Gotta go now, there's been a drought in basketball trophies around here. Gotta make sure our cars don't get tipped over!


HAR said...

Like sports much?

Chris Curtin said...

Hey, I didn't make a comment here so leave the Yankee's out of it.

The girls did have a lot of fun with my Dad.