Thursday, February 21, 2008

Me haid ain't so good

Been fighting it for weeks. Everyone I know has been hacking and coughing, and now I am too. Scratchy throat and can't laugh without punctuation. Who should I blame? My beau? My best friend? The brand president at my place of employment, or our production planning manager? Or a random stranger who made change for me at the convenience store?
Snots run rampant in my nose and lungs. I hate snots. I flipped over from sleeping on my right side to try to sleep on my left last night and did the gorgle-snort. I hate gorgle-snorts too. Then I couldn't go back to sleep. And gorgle-snorted a few more times. This, on the one night this week when our dieting cats didn't even attempt to moosh me for food.
Will it really last a month like it has for everyone else?
Darned orange juice and handwashing. Didn't work. >sniff<


Chris Curtin said...

It has been through our house as well. I'm getting over it now.

Nyquil is your friend ;-)

Hope you feel better,


HAR said...

I have 23 students in my class. Last week, eight students were out sick on one day alone. They are young, so I know they were really sick and not skipping school. :)

Mom said...

It's here too. This sick Nana just said goodbye to two semi-sick girls (they're beginning their recovery, I hope). I'm on echanasia and zinc tabs. I sleep alone so all that snorting stuff disturbs just me, but that sore throat is wretched. Especially when the coughing starts.

Hope you're well soon.


Calamity Jen said...

Oh no, not THAT cold. If it's the one that's been going around (even up here), then yes, I'm afraid it DOES last a month. Fear not, though, it's only a little nagging cough that lasts that long, not the snots and snorts.

Ashley Ladd said...

First of all, hope you feel better. My daughter's got the icky snots and that nasty cough. The doctor said her lungs are clear though.

Second of all, is it helping to put your cats on a diet? I have 5 cats and one is a big chub - he's so cuddly and adorable I hate to change him but for his health, I probably need to watch what he eats. We also have 2 dogs and sometimes when I look over at them, this cat, Dion, will be eating the dog food, while the dogs, Meiko and Andy, are eating the cat food. I think they're all very very confused.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come again. :)