Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two notable Christmas cards

#1) A picture of a family that actually shows the parents in it! Haven't seen one of those in years. Chris and Deb and their 3 kids look great, happy and healthy. And I'm glad to be in touch after so many years.

A friend of mine used to say that one year, she was gonna collect all the photo cards of people's kids, and randomly mail them to other people. From a random post office, with no return address. Really funny to think about. Imagine getting one? You'd be like, "What the hell? who ARE these people?!"

#2) A Christmas card arrived in the mail today. From the cats. No joke. :-)
I DO have a sneaking suspicion who the kitties' helpers are. (Rickers!) Either that, or the little meowers know how to drive, and where the post office is.


Chris Curtin said...

You are very welcome. Getting said picture actually taken is the main reason we only do pictures once a year.

Christopher was pretty good, but the photographer was an hour behind, then spent an hour trying to get Deb to buy all these different packages so what should have been 15 minutes was over 3 hours.

Plus it was so late we had to take Christopher to dinner, something we're not doing much of these days. Let's just say giving a 22 month old a paper table cloth was a really bad idea.

Kimberly said...

Someday, down the road, when I have time to goof off, I am totally doing that. Funny! :-)