Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

1:30 pm - leave work. Slick roads. Creep slowly in 2nd gear.
2:30 pm - arrive home, 10 miles later.
3pm - shovel several inches of snow. We get fined if the sidewalks aren't cleared after a storm and I want to get a head start.
3:15 - shovel back, 'cause there's another inch. At least it's fluffy.
4:15 - shovel back and forth again. Several inches.
4:34 - Randy calls from Chicago. "Wish I could be there to get the snowblower out."
4:35 - Yep. Me too! It never snows when he's here!
6:12 - should I go shovel some more?

6:20 Shovel snow. Shovel back.
8:10 Shovel snow.
8:30 Clean off car. Can't face it tomorrow. Dig out area in front of and next to car so I can get out in the morning.
8:50 Neighbor with snowblower blows snow all over car and vicinity
8:55 Shovel snow, clear out car (again).
9:05 AVALANCHE FROM ROOF! Must shovel more snow from sidewalk
9:10 Clean off Randy's car and shovel around it so snowblower can be accessed Saturday.
9:30 Glass of wine, hot shower and BED.


Mom said...

Thanks for a laugh on this snow ridden day. Our snow began at 10:30 and continues still.

alan said...

4-7 due here in the next 30 hours; no snowblower, as we usually don't get that much at once.

Hope you aren't too stiff and sore, and that your lucky beau makes it in on time!


Mom said...

LOL. Should I buy a size smaller clothing-wise this Xmas?

Chris Curtin said...

Not to brag, but it is 55 right now. High was 70 yesterday.

Of course, we're on watering restrictings due to the drought so I wouldn't mind some snow.

True story about a snow blower: a friend of mine has/had one and on 4th of July a few years ago one of his neighbors got all the kids together to go look at the 'alien device' my friend had in the garage. Even when he told them what it was 80% didn't understand what you'd use it for.

HAR said...

How's your back?

Kimberly said...

And see? This is why I did not shovel after our ice storm on Sunday. Too. Much. Aggravation.

OH - and I got your message about the shoes - awesome. They are going to be thrilled. :-)