Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum!

Last year's fiasco: Emmie began spiral-vomiting every time she ate or drank something, requiring a frantic visit to the vet. After a couple hundred bucks worth of x-rays and a hydration pack inserted in her shoulder, we found out she'd likely have to have surgery to have a 1" section of plastic-and-metal tree removed from her digestive tract. It would have cost her a lot of trauma a month after being spayed, and about $1500 from her people. The vet gave us a day, and thank goodness she "passed" it the next morning. Not a pleasant task looking for it, as you can well imagine.
We didn't want to relive any part of that experience, so this year, we're ditching the plastic tree and getting a real one. The thought? That the risk would be a lot smaller, knowing that we now have two cats in the household this Christmas, who both love love love to check out anything and everything with their lips and teeth.
So, I stopped at Ricky's Flower Market and picked up a small potted spruce tree that Randy and I can decorate when he comes home from his business trip this week. There's not much room for a big tree, and I also figured we could give it to someone to plant next year if they want it.
I brought it home and immediately the beasties noticed something new on the table in the living room.
Note Emmie's open mouth that FERTILIZER in that there dirt?!

Oooh, yummy...dead leaves!

Why does this thing keep poking my nose when I try to bite it?
So, for now, the tree is living on the television.


alan said...

The plants that Dottie moved in for the winter became a source of joy for Frankie, so I've wrapped the plant stand in plastic "hardware cloth" and made a door for the front from a piece of lath and a bungee cord so she can open it to water them. She's not happy about it (he suddenly is my cat again) but it's much better to have her grumbling about the "door" than having to repot them constantly!

May your tree forgive us!


Kimberly said...

Oh bad kitties! Fortunately, my cat pretty much leaves our tree alone - even the dangly ornaments.

I'm glad she passed last year's "snack" on her own though - eek.

Mom said...

But you really have the best of all worlds - no bratz dolls and no guns (see cousin's blog).

ryssee said...

Alan: It's nice to trade off cats seasonally. Nice job on the plant protection!
Kim: Your cat is too busy running away from wee ones to bother with a tree! :-) I'd rope it to the wall just in case though. For a cat, there's nothing like "GO!" in times of danger.
Mom: NO JOKE. Claws can be pretty bad though, and sometimes the tree shakes precariously on its perch from the violent altercations that occur in our place of residence.

Chris Curtin said...

Friends of ours have kittens and they are destroying their full size tree. We're watching their 3 year old tonight and everytime she sees our tree she says 'the kitties are wrecking ours'.

Just give me my calm black lab any day.