Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like WINTER!

Storm #2 today. Today's storm involved little shoveling for Miss Ryss...this time Randy the Snowblower came out of the basement like it should have, and made easy work of the snow and slop that fell. (I have to call it Randy the Snowblower. My sweet one is one with the snowblower, the one that mocks me when Randy's not home during storms. Which is most storms. And I can't get Snowblower out so there is no Ryssee the Snowblower).

All I had to do was clear snow off the car, shovel my escape route from my parking space on the street, and make a heap of French Toast for breakfast.

I would like to be brave enough to put a chair or a traffic cone in "my" street spot, like many people do in congested areas around Boston. It sucks to shovel it out only to lose it to a neighbor that didn't do anything but drive up the street. And then I have to park in a sloppy spot where no one cared about cleaning it out all nice and ever getting back into it.

The house continues to be our enemy. Many avalanches. but I refuse to deal with it this time!

Have wrapped 70% of the Christmas presents. My two 4-footed helpers were excused, many times, and have not torn through any wrapping as of yet.

I think I'm gonna get snow tires for Scion. It's actually pretty good in the snow with brand new tires but I think we're gonna get blasted many times this year, and my tires are tread-legal, but not great for another winter. We have purchased no winter-weather-battling apparatus this year, and I think that's what's contributed to the 2 feet of snow currently piled up on my garden. I think we are personally responsible for snow amounts in Somerville. This purchase could be my personal Community Service for our fair city.


Chris Curtin said...

24 is the low tonight in Atlanta.

That's what I get for teasing you about the 70's here a couple of days ago. At least we don't have snow.

alan said...

If you've ever heard of a Bridgestone Blizzak that is the ultimate in snow tires. The WS-50 is the one I bought 5 years ago to put on the first new car we ever had, after researching them at I had also read about them in some of the car magazines.

I bought a set on rims, mounted, balanced and delivered to my front door. I put them on around Thanksgiving and took them off in late March as they are a VERY soft rubber and if you run them through a summer you will destroy them.

We traded that car after two years, but my son had bought one just like it, so he's used them for the last 4 years. They are 6 years old now and work like new!

A link to read about them (except I can't do HTML so you'll have to cut and paste, sorry):

That was where I bought mine, in a package they put together.

Here I shoveled today, we had about 4". Then we tried to wrap up the Christmas shopping as I'm back to my 10 hour days tonight (it's 4AM Monday now) and leave on Saturday AM to go pick up my nephew's car in Laramie.

Glad your snowblower came home!