Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well, the rest of this week was pretty low-key. Nice weather so lots of grillin' and chillin' after work. Oh yeah, the sale of the company that bought my company was completed Friday. So, on Monday there will be introductions and hopefully some free food, and over the next few months we'll see what they have in mind for all our divisions.

Anyway, on Friday night Randy and I went into the Faneuil Hall area and watched the ballgame at the Bell in Hand. Stop by there sometime if you're in Boston-it's one of the oldest bars in town, and is especially nice when it's summer or fall and all the windows are opened up onto the street. So, we listened to the music and people watched and suffered another aggravating Red Sox loss caused by new reliever Eric Gagne. Won't be long till batters come up and the crowd starts yelling, "It's Gonnnnnnne-yeigh" when he comes in to pitch. I can't figure out if Theo Epstein or Brian Cashman is signing his paycheck! 15 ERA with the Red Sox, sheesh that's horrible.

Yesterday we relaxed and caught up on Tivo, then decided to go to Providence, RI to check out Waterfire. Providence has had a renaissance over the last several years. I've never been downtown before, but I found it to be a nice city, with rivers running through it and a blend of old and new downtown.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant and after the sun set we went down to the river. Very cool. They build fires in these bins on the river and play music over a sound system that's all along the riverbanks. They have a bandstand with live bands, and vendors, and charities you can donate to. There were families and couples and groups and individuals all over the place, taking it all in. People were taking boat rides, and it was neat the way they did it - all the boats had only a few passengers and were draped in black so as not to draw away from the mood. The scent of burning pine was all over the place and the music really created a relaxing and romantic mood. The weather was clear and not too cool, so it was a really nice evening out. And it was realy nice that even though there were stands selling goods, there was no feeling of it being a big commercialized event. And it's free!

If you live within a couple hours you should check out the schedule at and go see it. Anyway, here are some pics.


HAR said...

I need to get away! My friend Jess went to college in Providence. She always goes back to visit. It looks great.

Kimberly said...

That looks awesome!