Monday, August 13, 2007

I forgot the Allman Brothers! OMG!

Among all that other stuff on my last post, sheesh, how could I forget! Allman Brothers Wednesday 8/8 at the Bank of America Pavilion in South Boston. So excited, my summertime favorite, and it's like 15 minutes from the house and no one pees on my feet there like they do on the lawn at the Tweeter Center. Not to mention the parking is sooo much better and the setting on the harbor rocks. Big tent with nice views and a nice breeze, lots of food and drink stands, and MANY stalls in the ladies roomS (plural).
Anyway, I got tickets at the last minute online, 12th row, center section, yay! We thought we had to resort to Craig's List to buy them 'cause they were sold out, but I got lucky the day before the show when they must have just released members tickets and I happened to be checking one last time on
We had a blast. A blustery little storm blew through right before the show and we were treated to a double rainbow and some cool skies. And, of course, another excellent Allman Brother's show. Gregg Allman is my 60 yr old secret boyfriend. There. The truth is out.
Susan Tedeschi joined them on stage for a few songs too, including The Weight (by The Band) which was really cool. And Derek Trucks (from the Quebec post) was on guitar along with the hardest working guitarist in show business, Warren Haynes.
At one point Randy wanted a cover...and they ripped into and freakin' rocked Dazed and Confused (Led Zep), much to his eternal delight. Great show.
Check out these pics, courtesy of Randy's super-cool Iphone (takes great pics, as well as functioning as a telephone and portable internet device, way cool).


HAR said...

Never would I have guessed that you had a 60 year old boyfriend.People? Who knew?

That Iphone takes some terrific photographs! Really clear. Photos were great. Love the cats!!

Mom said...

Saw on TV that ATT"S I-phone bill comes in a box. True?