Monday, August 27, 2007

Short hair cut (inspired by GavMenagerie)

I have been sporting shorter hair all summer. It's easier to do, dries in place without much blow-drying action, and BONUS-TIME, Randy can't stand to wait for me to dry it when we've got cool places to see and better things to do. (Mind you, he's got less on top than I do. Plus, there's no Raisin eyeliner or black mascara or Bare Minerals to apply).
I've rarely been loyal to hairdressers, have kinda been like a guy that way. Go in, get my hair cut, pay my $25-$35, and leave. The first and second haircuts are the best with most hairdressers anyway, I've found.
Anyway, I'm going away with my best girlfriends next weekend to Nashville for a girly weekend. I wanna look nice, and fluff it up ('cause you CAN in Nashville) and have my girlies can see how good I look. I can feel good about myself, and I can go free and easy and ready to go in less than 15.
So, I got my hair cut last week in anticipation of this event, by a very nice and smiley, stylish Chinese lady...who didn't speak English so could not decipher what I wanted...which was sooo easy. "Just make sure I can tuck my bangs behind my ears." Plus my hair is bone straight, how hard could it be?
Now, having traveled extensively throughout my lifetime, I have been fortunate enough to be away long enough to have had my hair cut in foreign lands and languages. (OK, Sweden, a couple times, and England too but that doesn't count, even if they talk funny over there, and here in the USA by a woman from Albania and another from Poland. Anyway, sometimes it's just fun to country-drop in a conversation. Leave me alone.)
Well, anyway, I wasn't really nervous, they always manage to figure out the hand signals and interpret from pictures, and for Pete's sake, they gotta be able to figure out what looks good on a particular face shape. It's their job!
However, in this particular case, this instruction translated to, "falling in your face without hairpins" and "You must shave your neck" in Chinese.
So, to Nashville, I will go, with a shaven neck and some hair in my face, unless I can find hairpins to hold my bangs (which should be non-bangs) back.
Thank god for make-up!
You should check out Gav Menagerie to see my cousin's cute cut by the way. She's mad, but it really does look nice!


alan said...

I have so little on top now that, though I can feel it, you can't see it...

Hope your trip is great!


HAR said...

Pictures from Nashville please!

Kimberly said...

You are too kind!

This must be hairdresser fuck up week, I swear. My friend HG's (blog is the HG Spot) daughter also had a horrible experience this week.

I'm sure it looks great, and it grows fast, but I understand (all too well) how frustrating it is not to get what you want.