Monday, August 27, 2007

I hear raccoons!

9:23 PM, I'm out on the deck enjoying the last of tonight's gorgeous weather....and I hear raccoons chirrupping across the street. I think they're the big fat furry healthy 30-lb better-than-zoo specimens we saw on the telephone pole up by the wires, 4 ft from the bedroom window last month at 3am one Tuesday in July. The same ones we saw under the deck a couple weeks ago; the ones I worried were gonna beat up Emmie-kitty when we thought we lost her outside earlier this month. Ah this one under Nature in Somerville.
They better not eat my tomatoes or knock over the friggin' trash cans.


alan said...

My son has been fighting a losing battle with them over his trash cans for over 5 years now. Partly his stubborness in not building a box for them, but still, they are determined creatures!

Best of luck with yours!


HAR said...

They can do damage too. Raccoons are just not my "thang." They tormented me for years at my previous home.