Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy New Year!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to actually post to this thing!

Christmas was great this year. First, Randy and I had our little Christmas the night before he left to spend a week with his parents in South Carolina. He gave me a beautiful jewelry armoire with extra drawers in it, a cute nightshirt, scented oils for the house, and a cool Skagen watch (green with sparkles around the face.) I got him binoculars to replace the ones he left in Madrid, a gorgeous raincoat, movies, and the number one thing he wanted, a toolbox! teehee

Emmie got some new toys and some chicken, her favorite.

Went home to Pittsfield to spend Christmas with my family. Our annual Christmas party was Christmas eve at my mom's house. We had a great time! My family is so cool and fun, and the new additions over the last few years remind me of the Christmas magic when we were little. We're so lucky to be able to continue the tradition with all the cousins spread far and wide.

Christmas Day we had our family gift exchange. I got some really nice gifts this year and they even came from my list! I'm loving my ipod speaker dock at work, my new steamer for my clothes, my favorite perfume, external hard drive to back up all the pics I love to take, and all the other nice gifts from everyone. Both nieces received their #1 Christmas wish - Butterscotch the Pony for K and a kitten for C. It was so much fun to see how much they loved these gifts.

New Year's Eve, Randy was back home. We decided to stay in and play games all night which was fun. Once again, we never popped open the champagne.

Now in the new year, we've got a lot to look forward to already. Our families are in good health and happy, we're going to Hawaii for a week in February with some of his family and some of our friends, our jobs are going well, and we're getting a kitty for our kitty! Emmie loves to play and we wanted to get her a fun little playmate, so we went to the animal shelter today and found a very playful little 7-month-old girl, a pretty black cat named Midnight (but, well, we're shortening that to Mimi I think!). She moves in with us on Wednesday.

And the weather! It was 68 and sunny today (Jan 6!) and we had a nice walk around Boston's South End before we went to the animal shelter. It's not this nice in April!

More soon, and regularly, I hope!


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Kimberly said...

Love the new blog! Go you. :-)
Crazy weather, hey?
Congrats on the new kitty! Be sure to post pictures.