Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weirdest train ride ever

I was perusing blogs on and came across this one from Gunga

Here's the excerpt that made me laugh, 'cause it happened to us when Randy's tummy was all rumbly. This took place on the train on the way back from Machu Picchu to Cusco in Peru.

"...But this was nothing compared to the ride back to Cusco the next day. This time Val and I had a little table to ourselves. After the little 'snack' was served we settled down to read or take a nap. But this was not to be as soon there was a man dancing in the aisles dressed in a face mask and traditional costume covered with beautiful embroidery. He held an imitation baby lamb which he somehow was able to manipulate so that it appeared to be dancing too. In reality he was the quiet little steward who helped the other workers on the train. But with the mask on he was, well, in your face. After the surprise of his dancing we again settled down. Only now we were treated to a fashion show featuring our sweet stewardess. She had taken her hair out of a severe bun, applied full make-up and was now a hot little 'chica' sashaying up and down the train aisle in alpaaca ponchos and sweaters. Not to be outdone, the tall, very Inca looking steward, who was very serious and all business, came out and strutted up and down the aisle in beautiful alpaca sweater creations..."

The funniest part was, Randy had absolutely blown apart the rest room on the train where they were changing...


HAR said...

Were they holding their nose while dancing?

This type of stuff happens to me constantly while traveling.

Chris Curtin said...

I saw this at work the other day and started laughing so hard I was crying. One of my coworkers asked what was so funny. I showed it to her and she started laughing to.

I think everyone has either been the one to do something like that or had a dad that did.

Too bad you couldn't blame it on a dog. Not that I do that or anything ...

Kimberly said...

Hee! Somewhere in Peru there is a blog written by train stewards bitching about this from the other side. ;-)

Great story.