Tuesday, January 29, 2008

He'd have been 70

My dad would've been 70 today. Still not gonna write the story, who knows if I'll ever be inspired to, but he passed away about 2 1/2 years ago. All that time that's flown by since he died - sometimes it seems like forever and then sometimes it's like it's been no time at all. It's not even dates like today that make it hit really hard, it's just random things that happen that really bring it on. I'm sure many people who read this, who've lost a parent can relate, and if you can't, you are probably still blessed with their presence, as I was lucky to have been for 37 years of my life. And you really do learn as time passes, that even once someone is gone, it's just their physical presence that's gone, but they stay with you always.


HAR said...

Ryssee- hugs~

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that we are alive as long as there is someone to remember us.

You were a tremendous joy to him and I am so glad you two had that last week together; I think Darryl - his other source of joy - is glad also.

alan said...

I lost my Dad 25 years ago this fall; he was 56 and I was 27. He truly doted on his grandsons and every day I wish he could have seen them grow up, and I wish they remembered him...



Kimberly said...

Awww. :-(

He was such a good soul, Rys. I'm sure he's still very proud of you today.

blue67ccm said...

Hey sweetie~~~

I totally understand. My mama passed five years ago last December 28th. Spent nine days in a hospital vigil just waiting for the inevitable, so, obviously Christmas has never been the same.

Cancer took her at 64; way too young, and I miss her every second.

But I know she's with me, too; just like your Dad is with you.

Love you, Ris~~~so glad I can chat with you again!