Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Accepting a friendly wager

Yesterday, I received a comment from the awesome blogger HAR: "Want to place a friendly wager? The odds are in your favor."

I can only assume we're talking the Super Bowl here, 'cause the Red Sox and Yankees are nowhere near the 2008 playoff season yet.

While I am truly enjoying living in the best sports city in the world this year, football really is for me something to watch once in a while to kill a few months between baseball seasons. (Ditto basketball and hockey.) Playoffs and championships are a blast to watch in any sport though, especially if you happen to be living in the city with the trophy fever!

A nice friendly wager would be perfect. I'm up for it. I'll even give NY a 7-point lead. So if the Patriots win by 7 points or less (or if they lose) she'll win. If the Pats win by more, then I win.

Shall we wager a meme?


HAR said...

It's a good bet! I'll take it. I will take the 7 points too. You have yourself a bet!

alan said...

Wish I lived halfway between you both so I could fix dinner and we could all have a party and watch "the game"!

I'll be looking forward to the outcome!


Chris Curtin said...

I'm still trying to figure out what a 'meme' is.

Go Giants!

HAR said...

You will NEVER believe this!

My birthday is April 20th 1966!!!!!

Kimberly said...

Go Pats!

Carolyn said...

Go PATS 19-0!!!!

Chris Curtin said...

Go Giants!

Chris Curtin said...


18 - 1

Honestly, I am still impressed by their run.

Nice sportsmanship by the coach though. Baby.