Thursday, April 12, 2007

What's going on

Sheesh it's the middle of April and it's 37 degrees and sleeting! Monday is the big race - Boston Marathon - and it's supposed to downpour with 40 MPH winds. Had to make a last minute order for our customer that we're working with at the expo for cold weather gear.
Let's see, what else?
Work is plugging along - figuring out our roles as we move along. Got the marathon expo this week and our sales meeting in 5 weeks and integrating our division with the footwear division in our systems, so will be really busy.
Randy's dad had to have emergency surgery for an aneurysm near his heart but thankfully is OK now. Was a very nerve-racking Sunday when we got the call at 6am that he was going into surgery. It was expected to be 6-8 hours with 2-3 weeks of recovery time. They live in SC and we're in the Boston area so I felt really bad for Randy, being so far away from his family. Fortunately his sister called within 2.5 hours with the news that the surgery was successful and just about finished, and he was home within a week. Can't play golf for several weeks which will drive him (and probably Randy's mom) crazy, but this was such a great outcome considering what it was and a HUGE relief that it worked out the way it did.
Stuff like this always makes me think about what happened with my dad and has really made me feel for people that go through health problems with their parents. Being so close to it, it's almost harder to know what to say to someone when they're going through it themselves.
Kitties got tested for the bad food I fed them. One came back clear and the other one didn't on the first round but thankfully the second round of tests came back clear. And they're all bouncy and kittenish again now that I'm feeding them better food than what WE eat! (I hope! Still don't think the big companies can be trusted.)
Best friend Karen got a new job this week, pretty much exactly what she wants to do - the position sounds GREAT (project manager for Chamber of Commerce) and my other best friend Kim is all settled into her new job and really likes it. Can't believe it's been almost a year since I went to see her in CA either! But I love it when things go great for my friends!
Randy, my sweet one, on the other hand, is stuck in Toronto tonight because of the storm so he won't get home 'til late. I miss him and want him to be home! :-)
Darryl, Tracy, my mom and the kids are going on vacation next week, hopefully piling in the car and heading south to warmer and sunnier weather. Last weekend was Easter and I went home to see them. We had Easter dinner with my aunties which was a nice surprise. My nieces are cling-ons now. It's so fun to have them at an age where they love to hang out with me and want to know when I'm coming home again. Don't want them to grow up so fast but it IS really cool to see how much they've changed between visits. They've grown so much and changed so much physically and mentally even since Christmas. And I met C's new kitten who is a bundle of sweetness. K's teeth have really moved quickly into place with the braces. I hope that even though she's still so young, it works out as planned and she won't have to do it over in her teen years.
Other than that, not much else...besides baseball. So happy to have the Red Sox on NESN again. Dice-K looks good and even thought he didn't get a win last night, it was really fun to watch the 21-yr old prodigy that faced him. Even though we came down on the wrong side of a 1-hit shut-out, that kind of game doesn't come around very often, so was very fun to watch.
And Sanjaya is still on American Idol. I gotta say, I hope he doesn't win but he is fun to watch. Viewership in the 35+ male demographic will fall off now though, now that Broadway Betty with the Fewer Fashions is out.
So tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness. Only one day off this weekend though. Gotta sell shoes and apparel at the expo on Sunday, and then have a meeting at 5pm Sunday night with our head sales reps. Yuck, but with the transition it will be good to see where there heads are at.
That's all for now!

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Nanax2 said...

Sounds pretty busy to me. I'm sitting in the Berkshires admiring the sun that's streaming through the windows - finally (note the time). Hard to believe a giant storm is rushing toward us; work at home Monday if you can.