Tuesday, April 17, 2007

God damn pet food companies!!

Now the food I switched them to is being recalled! Natural Balance Venison & Green Pea dry formula for cats and a similar version for dogs.

Email I sent to them today:
"After the recall issued by your company today I compared the ingredients from the
bag I have, to the formula on your website and they are now different. I want to
know when you changed the formulation, and if it's the new formulation that
is being focused on now that there are reports of kidney failure with cats and dogs
on this different ingredient listing. The new formula of the cat food has Rice
Protein Concentrate which is not listed on my brochure or the bag I have. The same
ingredient is listed on the dog food version."

Interesting, huh? I switched my kitties to this food after the menu foods recall so I'm hoping the formula change was very very recent and the stuff I'd been feeding them. This is a seriously high-quality pet food and ALL the ingredients checked out when I looked them up. Hours of research. Not to mention, the kitties have been very bouncy and energetic since the switch and look great, so I'm maddened by this recall, and very sad for anyone affected.

Then tonight, I found this article posted on USAToday's website:
By Julie Schmit, USA TODAY
"Natural Balance Pet Foods said Tuesday it found melamine in two of its pet food products, which the company has recalled...The company has recalled all dates of the two products, although Herrick says it has only received complaints for food made March 28."

Sounds like a case of them trying to keep Petco for a customer. I won't be anymore.

ADDED at 8:38PM HOLY CRAP!!! Press release! Confirmed by the company!!!

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