Friday, March 23, 2007

Rat poison?

Rat poison. In our sweet kitties' treats. I feed them dry food but gave them Iams wet food (turkey slices in gravy) as a treat every week or two. They love it enough to share a bowl! I'm so upset. We are so lucky nothing bad happened; they're just babies at 1 year and at 10 months. I would have been heartbroken to have something happen to them and then read this article. And it wasn't just a couple of brands, it was like 75 different brands, almost impossible to avoid. Even worse is that the manufacturer kept shipping it out for OVER THREE MONTHS without a peep that people's animals were sick and dying of kidney failure even though they were getting the calls. No testing?! Those poor people losing their little buddies or having them get sick and then finding out they unwittingly fed them this stuff. Just awful.

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